Bubblegum Crash!

OVA (3 eps)
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One year has passed since the Crisis. People have come to believe that peace has been restored, but they were wrong - violence strikes the neighborhood once more and it all seems like a bad case of déja vu: the Boomers are back. But this time, there's something strange about the crime wave - highly advanced computer components are disappearing at the same time. The question is, who is the puppet master behind all this, what does he want, and what is his purpose?

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Bubblegum Crash seems to get overlooked pretty often. The Crisis OVA and 2040 already seem obscure enough especially around here at MAL and then Crash is just, completely lost in it's own void. Kind of a shame because Crash is certainly worth seeing if you're a fan of the OVA and new series. My review for 2040 was probably too big, so I'll keep this one a little on the shorter side. It could be a good read along with this review though. Crash is basically a direct continuation of the original OVA and it's completely obvious. The animation and everything in that aspect is the same, with many improvements because it's newer - this made me second guess myself after saying I liked the redesigned characters in 2040, because Priss, Nena, Linna, and Sylia all looked really cool in this one. The cyberpunk setting is still very grim, dark, heavily detailed, like it rightfully should be! The music also retains its awesomeness from the original OVA, great 80's hair metal that you can't help but love if you grew up in the age. The BGM fits the mood and is great too. Oh and the opening is just downright awesome, timeless stuff! I've head some complaints about this one mainly geared towards the plot being a little contradicting against some events in the OVA. The only issue that might bother me here is that Priss could be a little out of character, with her constant attitude and decision with being a Knight Saber and fighting Boomers changing - but I have to ask, do you really go in watching Bubblegum Crisis for an in depth story and thought provoking characters? Not exactly, if you ask me... that aside the characters reminded me a lot of how they act in 2040 pretty often. Priss can be pretty hotheaded, Nena is cheerful and weary that the Knight Sabers are breaking up, Linna is just all over the place, and Sylia is her mysterious self but shows a little more character towards the end. They're all fun and enjoyable characters. The three episodes do connect in the end. They're a little episodic, but 40 minutes pure episode isn't bad. The horrible events in episodes 1-2 eventually lead up to the finale, where a previous villian is brought back (one of the best ones from the OVA, with that being said some can maybe make a guess as to who that is). Though the show does get a little silly towards the end kind of like 2040 did, it tries a little too hard to be overly weird and thought provoking. But it's just part of the episode, rather than an entire story arc ... so it's not a huge complaint. Overall Bubblegum Crash is simply put, more Bubblegum Crisis, more Knight Sabers kicking ass, great cyberpunk settings, awesome old school music. It's always been something you shouldn't take TOO seriously, but if you go in just looking for some quick enjoyment with action/comedy this should deliver. If you're a fan of the OVA, 2040, and still haven't seen this - definitely give it a shot sometime.

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