Bu Si Bu Mie

Alt title: The Eternal Strife

Web (16+ eps)
2023 - ?
3.852 out of 5 from 10 votes
Rank #1,812
Bu Si Bu Mie

An ordinary young man in a small town tries to learn the essence of martial arts, but he is set up by someone, and then suffers a tragic love and gets involved in a dispute in the martial arts world. He is wronged by others due to his identity. While struggling to survive, he gradually gets back his memories of his previous life and embarks on a journey to fight against the heaven. During this process, he wins the sincerest friendship and the most precious love. Even he has to go through countless difficulties and face the risk of death, he still stays true to himself. He fights for himself, for his fate and for justice, and never flinches no matter how powerful his opponents are.

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