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Alt title: Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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Jun 29, 2014

So there is this evil military organization that tortures girls and turns them to some alien superpower freaks. Some of them escape and find shelter in some guy’s astronomy club. Then the military bad guys send more girls to kill them. And then harem happens. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the remake of Elfen Lied. Grab your pop corn and prepare to laugh with its so called-tragedies and tactical warfare.

Some creators get better with time. Some get worse. The mangaka of this show belongs to the latter category. For you see, he is the same dude who made Elfen Lied (EL for short) a decade ago, and instead of fixing the atrocious problems that one had, he only proceeded into making up more. For you see, Brynhildr (BITD for short) is the exact same thing, with everything that was bad in it, now being worse. But what did you expect from modern anime? The newer they are, the worse they are. Let me enlighten you why.

1) Shock factor. Both of them have tons of it but EL is better. Not because it had more of it (in fact it had less) but because it was still a fresh thing as far as tv anime go. Buckets of blood was considered to be an original thing back then (even if it wasn’t if you had watched enough 90s OVAs) but nowadays it no longer is. Animated violence became too mainstream, and thus it is nowhere near as appealing as it was back then. The same counts for poor little naked girls being tortured and puppies being kicked. With the illusion of gore = depth no longer working, people are not instantly hooked to the show.

2) The opening song. Both of them have a very catchy intro but EL is better. You see, the artwork there was stolen from the paintings of a famous artist, which when combined with the opera-like singing, it was resulting to a very good way to instantly get into the mood of the show. BITD has a nice song too but it’s not as good, since as every run of the mill music enthusiast will tell you dubstep IS NOT MUSIC. It’s a patchwork of music clips from earlier works, stitched together with computer. There is hardly as much effort put into making them, as it is with an actual singing performance accompanied by a whole orchestra. Furthermore the artwork they used in the intro is quite typical; it feels like clips from some action show. You can basically replace the song with any other you like and nobody will be able to tell the difference. That makes it lazy, contrived, and even tasteless. Furthermore, for some retarded reason this show gets a second opening after 10 episodes and this time it is a horrible mismatch of screams and epileptic scene changes. Whatever good impressions one would have from the music is completely trashed because of this mind baffling decision to replace a fine opening with ear bleeding junk.

3) The fan service. Both of them had girls being constantly naked and bleeding, but EL is better. The blood was a result of torture by the military dudes, and the naked bits were excused as either the girls being stripped as means to not use clothes as weapons, or because the lead girl had the intelligence of a cat. BITD doesn’t do that. It is shamelessly throwing boob jokes, cloth fetishes, tsundere talking, and forced bath scenes at you for no other reason than having fapping material. EL was doing that too of course but it was presented in a pseudo-innocent way. Even the bleeding part is done less good, since it is caused by not taking medicine and not by torture, making it look silly instead of cruel.

4) The ambiguous themes. A big chunk of the drama in EL was its grey morality. The supernatural girls were constantly killing people as means to survive and because the normal people were mistreating them. In a twisted way that was excusing their cruel killings. BITD doesn’t do that. The girls are not shown killing normal people but only running away from them because they will be tortured and killed if they are captured. There is no grey morality to make things more interesting. It is more than obvious to tell who the bad and who the good are.

5) The harem lead. Both shows are using a blunt male hoarding girls in his place, but EL does it better. That Kouta fellow was just an average guy with a ridiculously high amount of trustworthiness. He was not bright or cunning; he was just your typical visual novel vanilla guy with a big heart all chicks are supposed to love. That Ryouta guy on the other hand is an asshole. He is constantly making boob jokes, and is trying to look like a smart-ass in every chance he gets. In fact, the show is constantly trying to make him look like he is a genius but because nothing in the plot makes sense, any so-called deduction procedure he uses is completely retarded. Despite the attempt to pass as competent and intellectual, he ends up feeling pretentious and sleazy.

6) The superpowers. Both shows have girls with superpowers that let them cause mass destruction and death, but EL is better. Since there was not much variety there, the only difference one superpower had from another was simply its maximum reach or the amount of ethereal hands someone could use. BITD on the other hand goes for variety and has every girl using very different powers. And although that seems like a positive thing at first, it ends up being a negative. Every girl is defined by its special power instead of its character, and there is far more abuse of magic for plot convenience. No idea what to do next? Predict the future. Someone important died? Go back in time and save him. Someone dies? Revive him. Something important was revealed? Use amnesia to forget it. Nothing is important because nothing is solid.

And if I simply don’t do any comparisons, I can just tell you BITD is a stupid show about stupid people doing stupid things, and then we are supposed to accept that as tragic. It isn’t. Because it’s stupid, get it? There is no logic behind the drama; it is superficial, badly written, concerning people we can’t take seriously, in a story that is laughably cheesy. And although I am sure there will be lots of casuals who will like it for whatever silly reason they will make up on the spot, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s simply an awful show that supports the stigma of anime being for deviants.

See you in another ten years when the same guy makes the next version of the same story, this time as a tentacle hentai with futanari yanderes.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jun 30, 2014

The first thing you see in the first episode of Brynhildr is a flashback of two children together. A boy and a girl, childhood friends. The girl is tragically killed and the boy never fully gets over it. You get the impression that the series is going to be about the boy trying to fulfill a promise he made to the girl before she died.

This is not it. Don't think for a second that Brynhildr is some sappy romantic anime that just revolves around relationships. It is so much more than that. It's action-filled with just the right amount of emotions to balance it out.

The plot is so interesting and you will be missing out if you don't watch it.

Brynhildr, in my opinion, is the best anime of this season by far. It should be so much more popular than it is and if you ask me, it's the only one worth watching from the whole year so far of 2014 anime. I recommend it to anyone, it doesn't matter your taste in anime, you will find every genre here and you won't regret watching it.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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May 20, 2015

Okay, so I've glanced at some of the reviews, and I'm really confused why this seems to get put down a lot while No Game No Life is highly applauded. In my eyes this is a lot better, but that is besides the point. One thing I've seen is this getting compared to Elfen Lied. I can understand this since it is by the same writer and has many similarities, but I think it is best to always look at a piece alone first before comparing it to something else, even when it comes to books turned into movies. So, I will compare this to Eflen Lied, but it in no way was the deciding factor for my ratings.


The story is about a group of girls that were test subjects. They have been given super powers, but this also gives them many limitations, such as a limit on how much power they can use in a given time span, a button on the back of their necks which can kill them, and a need to take pills each day or else they will die. The majority of girls wish to escape the organization that tested on them, and some do. However, the organization will not let them go that easily and sends other subjects out to find and kill them.

Meanwhile, we have a sentimental story about a guy, Murakami who lost the friend he was in love with as a child. One of the test subjects he meets appears to be his friend who he’d thought was dead, yet she claims to not be. Because of the tragedy that was his friend’s supposed death, Murakami has become the sort of person who would rather risk his own life than watch others die. Therefore, he fights alongside the girls to protect them while he continues to wonder if this girl is actually his dead friend.

I felt like the story was paced well, giving certain bits of information at certain times to build suspense. However, the ending seemed to through a lot of information out at once without adequate explanation. I was reminded of Evangelion and how the entire angel concept is convoluted. This is definitely not that complicated, but the information to make it less confusing is not given. The central story surrounding the girls and Murakami makes sense. What isn’t so clear is the organization’s goals, how they learned what they did, and other such factors surrounding the experiments.

Deus Ex Machina

There are definitely some deus ex machina in here, but everything does have an explanation, and there are times when a deus ex machina could have easily been used but wasn’t. People still die, memories are still forgotten. Not everything is fixed.

There are certain times when it is used simply to solve a problem or give us viewers information. My biggest peeve is when they only serve to give us information, because the information is given again when the characters learn it. Without the information would have had more suspense in my opinion, and it wouldn’t have had to rely on a deus ex machina.

Elfen Lied

It has some similarities to Elfen Lied. Girls were test subjects, they escape and fight to survive. The male protagonist has a supposed childhood history with the female protagonist. There is ecchi. People die graphically.

That said, the pieces function differently. Eflen Lied is a dark story about survival, prejudice, and overcoming trauma. Brynhildr is about survival, sure, but it is a different kind of survival. These girls want to live a mundane life, so there are many mundane scenes. In Elfen Lied any hope you have is muddled by the dark atmosphere. In Brynhildr you can’t hope but hope, because when you see a girl enjoying cheesecake enough to say that she can finally die happy you can’t help not to. The feel is different, and the message is different.


The ecchi was not excessive and it worked well to balance out the drama of the show. Most of the ecchi scenes revolved around one particular character, and it was just her main character trait. Another review compared the ecchi to that in Elfen Lied, and honestly, I think this is more fitting. The girls being naked in Elfen Lied during experiments, yes that is perfectly fitting. But the scenes when Nyu would remove her clothes simply because she didn’t know better seemed out of place. The show was intensely serious, but Nyu wasn’t. Make her stupid, but why show the scenes where she removes her clothes? In Brynhildr it shows that the characters are human. Kazumi talks about sex. That’s the kind of person she is. Murakami looks at boobs. That’s the kind of character he is. They want to live the normal life that would allow them the luxury of thinking about sex.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jul 29, 2014

Imagine a decent idea dipped in a bucket called (Anime Cliche Poop)

Recommended for:

Anyone whom is 13 or under (a bit gory though)

If you are super chill and you can let stupid things go without arguing why or how. 

Not recommended for:

Almost anyone who watched more than 5 anime.

The good:

1- The way the characters were introduced, it felt like they all hide their own world (Spoiler alert: they are as shallow as they seem to be)

2-I enjoyed the soundtrack

3-The idea of the world wasn't all that bad

The Bad:

1-Everything goes downhill, the characters gets shittier and more shallow.

2-They writer invents shitty excuses to relay information or explanation of stuff that are crystal clear (Aka the whole his memory is strong shit)

3-One would think its hard to make a repetitive anime in 13 episodes, this anime proves you wrong

4-Shitty twists and relating everyone to everything unnecessarily (I am the janitor's daughter, and you are my son's brother and my mom is actually the one who saved you from that airplane accident)

5-You can literally predict most of the events

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Jun 30, 2014

This show is a perfect example for a show, that lacks episodes.

At the beginning i thought it would be just a mediocore show. Not really good but neither bad.
But at the half, this show got me really into it. I liked the plot, because it is really a good idea and the writer could make so much out of it (maybe he did, but I'm only talking about the anime here, not the manga).
I'm not going to explain the plot in this review. I will make it short.
This show is like a typical 'clusterfuck' at the end, because it seems very much like, and I'm sure it is, the producers tried to wrap every single aspect in the plot up in the last 2 episoded. So everything seems fucking (sorry for this word but it really is like that) rushed, which comes out as bad for the show.

So if only this show would have been 24-26 episodes i think it would be WAY better and would have so much potential to be a very good anime, which i think I would give it  4/5 stars AT LEAST, because i really liked this show and I think it would be even better if it had more episodes.
But don't forget the kinda open ending at the end of this show. So maybe there is a chance for a second season, and if there will be a season two, I apologize for all I've said and will be happy to watch it.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall