Bringing the Nation's Husband Home - Custom lists

Alt titles: Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia, National Husband Bring Home

  • Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 2nd Season
  • Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
  • Bibliophile Princess
  • Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka
  • A Couple of Cuckoos

Marriage - Anime and Donghua by AnnaSartin

These anime and donghua feature characters who are married, engaged to be married, are considering marriage, or work in the marriage industry, such as a wedding planner or professional matchmaker who sets up marriage interviews...

  • Ai Shite Night
  • After the Rain
  • Ace wo Nerae!
  • Ace Attorney
  • 009-1

Live Action Adaptations - Anime by Ka0nonymous

A list of manga that has been adapted to/from a live action movie or drama. Key: follows Web Country Code.