Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 2nd Season

Alt titles: Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia 2nd Season, National Husband Bring Home 2nd Season

Web (12 eps x 11 min)
3.418 out of 5 from 267 votes
Rank #7,871
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 2nd Season

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The first season I felt bad for them since the timing was never right, or they just kept being 1 minute too late or looking the wrong way. It was sad but believable. Qiao An Hao. That woman. At first her character reminded me of Sadako from Kimi ni Todoke, but after seeing the 2nd season I'm re-evaluating that opinion. She looks similar and her timid nature is similar, but that's where it ends. She's an annoying character at times because she can't take any initiative to make her dream become reality. Is she waiting on Lu Jin Nian? No idea. She's very immature in her pursuit of him. However, all of the could be forgiven if she hadn't of slept with him and then told him it was payment for a part in some film. I was just as shocked as Lu Jin Nian! It was definitely a twist but not in a good way. Lu Jin Nian. He's a coward. I've read the reviews about how he's masculine and cool but he's really not. If he wanted her to wait for him he should've said so. He could've told her at any time how he felt. I understand he felt unworthy because she's from a rich family and he's been traumatized by his half brother's Mother. That still doesn't excuse him from at least telling her how he feels or making an effort to stay in touch. Also, ignoring the shock and awe from what Xu said about Qiao Qiao not ever being able to like him, he was dumb to believe that. That woman has always hated him for his existence because it was a reminder of the unfaithfulness of her husband. The fact that he didn't even ask Qiao Qiao about it, he just took Xu's word for it.. facepalm! Idiot. Their situation is their own fault. The moral of the story? Be honest. Be open. If you love someone you should tell them. You might never get another chance.

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