Brighter than the Dawning Blue

Alt title: Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na: Crescent Love

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2006
3.617 out of 5 from 2,702 votes
Rank #3,981

It is a time of peace between the Earth and the Moon, in the aftermath of the great war between them. On Earth, young Asagiri Tatsuya is amazed to learn that his home is to have a Lunar exchange student, for a homestay guest. Even more amazingly, his guest is none other than the Princess of the Lunar Sphere Kingdom, Feena Fam Earthlight. As Tatsuya struggles to deal with the ramifications of this, and as tensions rise between Earth and Moon, he also learns that there is more to this homestay than meets the eye, and that he and Feena have a shared destiny...

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Brighter than the Dawning Blue is a fantasy based world were the human on earth were once at war with the humans on the moon. After the war the scars still run deep and a tenuous relationship remains between the lunar people and the earthlings. During this time of peace, the lunar princess, Feena, makes her way to earth on a diplomatic mission to strength ties between the two worlds. While she is on earth she stays at a homestead with the earth’s president’s sectary. While tensions between the two worlds begin to rise how will Feena navigate through these treacherous waters and bring about a peaceful resolution. With the back story out of the way, I have to admit this story is definitely more of a romance story than a fantasy or comedy. The main aspect of the story revolves around the relationship between Feena and Tatsuya. Tatsuya is the brother of the sectary where Feena is homestead. The development between them is done at a nice pace and it’s just a delight to watch. The story pretty standard for the first half of the series and there is plenty of slice of life moments. The comedy is a nice touch to all the tender moments but I wouldn’t really classify this as much of a comedy anime. All the twists, actions and motives are present nearer to the end and some of them actually surprised me. There were teary and joyful moments and I definitely liked enjoyed the end. The animations I have to admit weren’t anything outstanding, it was actually pretty standard. It did its job well enough, though if they were better than I think it could have displayed more emotion and bought this anime to the next level. The music was wonderful. The opening was great I enjoyed quite a lot and the images really showed the kind of emotion to come in the anime. The piano for the background music was wonderful. It without doubt added some real emotion to the anime and set up the scenes brilliantly. Overall, Brighter than the Dawning Blue was a great watch. The romance was compelling and the hardships that they when through seemed real and realistic based on the story. I would recommend this anime for anyone who is after a decent romance anime.


Brighter than the Dawning Blue - A Light and Wholesome Romance Story (6/10): "Brighter than the Dawning Blue" is a charming romantic comedy set against a unique premise. The story revolves around Feena Fam Earthlight, a princess from the Moon who arrives on Earth to attend high school as part of an interstellar exchange program. The series explores the cultural and personal challenges Feena faces while adapting to life on Earth. It also delves into her growing relationship with the protagonist, Tatsuya Tsugawa. While the plot is relatively straightforward and predictable, it's the heartwarming interactions, cultural clashes, and Feena's endearing character that make the story enjoyable. Animation (6/10): The animation quality in "Brighter than the Dawning Blue" is decent, with a bright and colorful aesthetic that matches the lighthearted tone of the series. Character designs are pleasant, and the backgrounds effectively capture the school and small-town settings. While not particularly groundbreaking, the animation serves its purpose in conveying the story. Sound (6/10): The soundtrack for the series complements the romance and comedy elements. The opening and ending themes are catchy and set the mood for each episode. Voice acting performances are solid, with Feena's voice actress capturing her innocence and enthusiasm, and Tatsuya's voice actor conveying his down-to-earth nature. Characters (6/10): Feena Fam Earthlight is undoubtedly the standout character of the series. Her fish-out-of-water experiences on Earth and her genuine, kind-hearted nature make her a likable and relatable protagonist. Tatsuya Tsugawa, while not as unique, serves as a suitable counterpart to Feena with his practicality and willingness to support her. The supporting cast, including friends and family members, adds depth to the story and contributes to the comedic and emotional moments. Overall (6/10): "Brighter than the Dawning Blue" may not offer groundbreaking storytelling, but it provides a sweet and heartwarming romantic comedy. The cultural exchange between Earth and the Moon, Feena's character, and the interactions between the characters create a pleasant viewing experience. If you're looking for a light and wholesome romance with a touch of sci-fi, this series is worth considering. As for the manga, it's important to note that the anime is based on a visual novel and doesn't have a direct manga adaptation. Therefore, if you enjoyed the anime and want more content from this universe, you may explore the visual novel it originated from. However, there won't be a manga counterpart to compare to.

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