Bounty Dog

Alt title: Bounty Dog: Getsumen no Ibu

OVA (2 eps)
2.703 out of 5 from 295 votes
Rank #15,412

The Moon – Earth’s mysterious companion for countless ages, always keeping its dark side hidden from human eyes. It has not stayed hidden forever, as the moon has now been colonized and has a city of its own on the surface. However, something has taken offence at the human incursion – “The Sleeper” is awakening.

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This mini series could be interesting if it lasted more episodes. It has an interesting theme and nice graphics but it is ruined by its small duration. STORY – CHARACTERS – VALUE SECTIONS: 5/10 - The story is about a man who finds out that his dead love interest is cloned into an army of ruthless killing women and decides to punish the person responsible for this and to attempt to resurrect his love. The basic scenario is very interesting as moral issues like cloning, cheating death and loving a copy as much as the original are taken into account.- Unfortunately, the straightforward plot and the small duration damage this premise. Everything feels rushed and unpolished; wasting the story potential. - Also, there is not character development for the same reason. The protagonist is just a cool guy on a vengeance mission. Listening the same voice and seeing the same girl over and over gets rather boring as all the copies of it behave, dress and talk in exactly the same manner. And the secondary cast is there just for flavor. ART - SOUND - ENJOYMENT SECTIONS: 7/10 Since the story is not unfolded properly, all that is left is the action and the explosions. As cheesy as it may sound, Bounty Dog is quite good as a Hollywood action b-movie. All the electronic and mechanical aspects in it have awesome artwork detailing and the music themes are really atmospheric. There is also plenty of nude and bloody violence that can either excite or disgust you.The whole is damaged by mediocre voice acting and repeating footage when it comes to shooting VERDICT: 6/10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … For wasting his potential on rushed works. SUGGESTION LIST Sixth Day, starring Arnold Swatzenager… Can’t spell the surname. It is a Hollywood movie with the same basic idea around cloning.


GOD series no.2 (Good ol’ days) Ah, we don’t we make these any more? You know just a cool 2 episode series? I guess that wouldn’t make much money huh? So, story is about some bounty hunters or whatever they are, outlaws that do missions for clients and stuff, they have to go to the moon for a mission (it is set in the future where the moon is inhabited), then MC’s past comes into play and stuff happen that I’m not gonna get into because it will spoil the show, it’s just 2 episodes. But the feeling of the story is great, it’s intriguing, it’s dark, pace is great, there is action, violence, some cool mechs, a freakin BEGINNING AND AN END, how many 50 episode shows lack this simple thing? Lots of them. Not everything is plausible but you know, its sci-fi, that kind of makes everything plausible. Characters ain’t much ofc, they couldn’t be much in so little time, but for their lifespan they are fine and they are likable. Animation is good, not top notch, but the designs are great, architecture, vehicles, the color palette works great and complements the dark and gloomy feeling of the show. Sound is not great by any means, yet it works great, it complements what happens on the screen well and sound effects are nice too. Voice acting ain’t great unfortunately but it is not unbearable. So is it worth a watch? Ofc it is, you get your 60 minutes worth of entertainment and some spare change in your pocket. It is enjoyable overall and while it is not a masterpiece, in 2 episodes you get more out of it than what you’d get from 90% of the seasonal anime nowadays. Damn that’s disturbing...

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