Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki 2nd STAGE

Alt title: Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun 2nd STAGE

TV (13 eps)
3.541 out of 5 from 787 votes
Rank #5,454

The second season of Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki.

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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki is one of the dearest anime to me, being the first ever romance anime I watched when I really got into it. I watched the first season back in 2021 when it was airing and it was absolute peak. Now, the second season drops having me as hyped as ever. The episodes go on smoothly and they don't have you checking every two minutes how much it's got left. It's just a simple yet compelling story. Or so it was, until the very end. Throughout the anime Tomozaki's relationship is discussed and it is arrived at the conclusion that his two final choices for building one are Mimimi and Higuchi. Mimimi is a cheerful, extroverted girl who has overcome her problems and makes everyone around her happier. She has known Tomozaki way before he even met Higuchi and they really just go along very well with each other. On the other hand Huguchi is this socially-awkward girl who's trying to find her way in life. Now, logically speaking someone like Tomozaki, who also hasn't exactly found his way in life yet would need someone like Mimimi: someone cheerful and kind to guide him and show him the 'colors' of life, not someone like Higuchi who is for (better or) worse even more confused than Tomozaki himself.In the very end, Tomozaki decides to choose Higuchi, simply because "they complete each other". Now this is where I say it was such an awful asspull that brought the whole premise of the story down: no matter how you look at it, Tomozaki was influenced by pitty, by wanting to help Higuchi because she is, well, a damsel in distress and he needs to be the hero. Listen, I just feel like no matter how much you try, two intorverted people with the same problems CANNOT help each other grow by any means. In the end Tomozaki yapped about them actually being opposites, but it was such uncomprhensable bullshit, because at the core they are indeed still the same, while on the other hand Mimimi was actually someone that could have helped Tomozaki develop further. Plus, the whole realtionship between Tomozaki and Huguchi is just so fucking boring, unlike his conversations with Mimimi and situations he gets into when he's with her. Overall, the story was a nice, smooth watch, save the last episode. WELP, FUCK THE ENDING, MIMIMI IS THE RIGHT WAY ‼️‼️‼️ 🗣️🗣️🗣️ #COPIUM #WEBALL 


Genuinely, I think this show became quickly the most disconnected thing from reality as it possibly could. Aoi, the character that was most likely supposed to be the heroine romanced character of the MC, quickly became a background character. This is in my opinion, a SNAFU rip off. The 2nd season doesn't feel remotely human. The characters background aren't fully explained, their personalities are a large mess, and there is almost no one you can relate to but Aoi because her background is still questionable, but her actions make sense because you just don't know her background yet (nor will you ever). I actually didn't understand the direction this show wanted to take until I watched the ending scene. The god awful send off of the MC is a direct copy of SNAFU MC send off if you ever watched that show. The MC is sent off and the girl cries but instead in this show, you just don't give a damn about the girl crying because her personality makes absolutely no sense at all. It feels like it was written by a child. When she starts crying you can't help but ask:Why is she crying?Why does she even like you?Why does she even talk to you? We are complete opposites in personality and I can't even formulate a sentence and am the most awkard person ever so why are you still hanging out with me? Am I supposed to care about you because you're crying for me?  These questions can be asked for just about every character in the entire story because the MCs actions are the most questionable actions in human history. Because they aren't human in the slightest. Nothing made sense from when this guy wanted to talk to more people, to why he decided to listen to Aoi, as if she was this goddess giving this poor and lonely man advice.  To conclude, watch Snafu. Not this. 

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