Bomberman Jetters

TV (52 eps)
2002 - 2003
Fall 2002
3.085 out of 5 from 234 votes
Rank #14,649

Shirobon is the newest member of the Jetters, a defense force against theHigehige-dan, a criminal gang bent on stealing all the unique objects in theuniverse. Immature and inexperienced, he has it tough as the main fighter ofa team whose best member has gone missing: Mighty, Shirobon's older brother. As Shirobon and his motley rambunctious crew take on theHigehige-dan with quirky and comic results, greater issues emerge: CanShirobon overcome his grief over Mighty's disappearance and fill hisbrother's shoes? Will they find out what happened to Mighty?

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Before we get started, let's get one thing straight. This is a Bomberman anime. It's all about explosions, being adorable, and having enough sarcastic humor and characters for just about anyone to get a kick out of the eccentric ragtag team called the Jetters. But being real, there is simply not enough love for this show. The series itself is underrated, but even then. For a show where you would go in for explosions, it has a deeper, sadder plot and more hard-hitting themes than one would expect from a Monster of the Week shounen. I watched it first around seven years old, and then I just didn't understand it enough. Containing themes like the importance of moving on from your past, not living in shadows of others and attaining happiness all on your own, there's still a way it delivers all of these things that again, you really just don't see coming. It really all starts with a typical hero. You discover that he's insecure with himself. You follow his younger brother through life and a story of growing up, dealing with the disappearance of said hero while also fighting an evil force that just wants to steal things. But it doesn't stop there. Along with constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat with foreshadowing, there's a really lovable cast. There's an android having an identity crisis, a 'cool' guy who really wants to find his best friend again. A tsundere dealing with the trauma of losing her mother in a spaceship accident, and even with these guys you find comedic relief through Gangu and Bongo. Plus there's a kickass grandma. Come on. Even these are two-dimensional descriptions of the cast, they really do develop so much from the hardships of the series that it's impossible to keep track of here in this one review. Otherwise, I'll keep you here all night, and surely you don't want that when you need to be out there watching it. The title theme is highly addictive, as a bonus, but ymmv. My complaints, though. The animation in everything but the explosions can be wonky, but episode 24 is truly the best of the animation in the series. In the first 5 or 6 episodes, the characters take a bit of getting used to and even the main protagonist can annoy the hell out of anyone with a low tolerance for brats. And one of the filler episodes(episode 36, I'm looking at you) is incredibly boring, especially placed at a point where the suspense is turning deadly. However, overall, 10/10. Would watch again.

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