Bocchi the Rock!

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Fall 2022
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Hitori Gotoh, “Bocchi-chan,” is a girl who’s so introverted and shy around people that she’d always start her conversations with “Ah...” During her middle school years, she started playing the guitar, wanting to join a band because she thought it could be an opportunity for even someone shy like her to also shine. But because she had no friends, she ended up practicing guitar for six hours every day all by herself. After becoming a skilled guitar player, she uploaded videos of herself playing the guitar to the internet under the name “Guitar Hero” and fantasized about performing at her school’s cultural festival concert. But not only could she not find any bandmates, before she knew it, she was in high school and still wasn’t able to make a single friend! She was really close to becoming a shut-in, but one day, Nijika Ijichi, the drummer in Kessoku Band, reached out to her. And because of that, her everyday life started to change little by little...

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I was not expecting to enjoy Bocch The Rock!! as much as I did. But here we are at the post season review and I'm still very happy that I watched it. In fact, I am going to watch it again at some point in the near future. I found the show a little late as there were three episodes that had aired before I gave it a watch, but I promise I was locked in from episode one.  The story is just a good story of dealing with social anxiety and peer pressure. The peer pressure in this case was not used in a negative way, rather it was used to allow each supporting character to grow to love and understand Hitori (our MC, "Bocchi"). Each character learned to accept who she was and to ease her into social situation, often in hilarious ways. How will this turn out for Bocchi? Well you have to watch as I am not going to spoil that here. The music was not the selling point on this anime and I am happy to say that. Normally you think a music genre anime will have the majority of focus on its music, but not here. The music didn't enhance the characters, the characters enhanced the music.  The animation was actually great, despite me marking a point off of the category. I found some music scenes to be out of sync with lip movements, but hey, at least we didn't get the use of CGI when the band was performing.  Overall, Bocchi the Rock!! was a fantastic watch and deserves the hype it has received. It willl stay in my watch list for a long time as an anime that I will use to cheer me up on a bad day, or just one that I will enjoy watching more over the coming year or so. 


Such an amazingly beautiful portrayal of social anxiety and introversion, and the genuine desire to pull yourself out of it despite the dread to do so. It's tough to say, but in terms of music anime, this may take the place of K-On for me. Especially if there are more seasons to come, which I'll happily wait for. I didn't expect to get emotional from this one, but I did whether it was the absolute golden comedy or the moments of solid growth.  The story followed a structure that was easy to stick with and incredible to be a part of. A story of growth and the desire to make yourself a better person than you were yesterday. To love yourself for who you are and push yourself to become who you want to be. This was shown not only in Bocchi but in Ichiji and Kita as well. Ryo too, but she had already been through so much prior to the band getting together that most of her growth had already happened, and so she played a sort of "relatable introverted rock" to the rest of the members. Kita and Ichiji's roles become clear as you progress through the show, both endearing and supportive. Some have said that despite this being a music anime, there wasn't much music. I say that a "music anime" doesnt need to be filled with music. This show follows girls with the desire to become musicians, and so we see a variety of scenarios portraying the challenges that come with this desire. That said, there are moments where you will wish they didn't stop, or shows more music in a gig. I've docked half a point to story for this reason, as I do believe that once you get something started, you should follow through. That said, for the most part there were good excuses for gigs being cut short (this is a group of teenage, amateur musicians after all). The animation was unique and hilarious. The comedy would not have been nearly as funny without every bit of the animation and the route the animators took. Between exaggerated facial expressions, to what could only be described as ridiculous hallucinations, I found myself laughing more than I had expected to be. Adding real-life aspects to it was a nice touch in my opinion, and fit perfectly with the scenes they were applied to. All in all, damn close to a masterpiece in my book. Not quite, but close. I laughed, I shed some tears, my chest felt heavy, and I wished it didn't end. But where it ended felt right, without feeling like it was "concluded" per say. With this, I genuinely hope we get a season 2, and get to watch Bocchi and crew grow some more. I would love to see them flourish into a band that would rock Tokyo to its core. >>>>> Kessoku Band on Spotify <<<<< >>>>> Kessoku Band on Youtube <<<<<

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