Boarding School Juliet

Alt title: Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

TV (10+ eps)
- ?
Fall 2018
3.894 of 5 from 639 votes
Rank #1,583
Boarding School Juliet

At Dahlia Academy, a prestigious boarding school attended by students of two feuding countries—the eastern Nation of Touwa, and the Principality of West—Romio Inuzuka, leader of the dorms’ Touwa first-years, wishes for a romance that can never be. For his ladylove is none other than his arch-enemy, Juliet Persia, leader of the dorms’ West first-years! Is Inuzuka ready to risk it all to confess his feelings? And even if Persia somehow agrees to go out with them, how long can they keep a forbidden relationship under wraps?!

Source: Kodansha

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Kittyna Dec 10, 2018
Score 10/10

I never saw a Romeo and Julie. But im in love with this anime, yes its sometimes cliche, but every anime is sometimes cliche. I like those characters and storry is good and funny too. Romio is good boy, he is trying hard, and i want him and Persia have a good ending. read more

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