Blue Thermal

Movie (1 ep x 103 min)
3.689 out of 5 from 174 votes
Rank #3,224
Blue Thermal

Tamaki Tsuru, who was on sports teams throughout her entire school life until high school, but is instead seeking an active romantic life once she enters college. However, a turn of events puts her on the path to joining her university's glider club at college.

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A waste of time. This story has the most amateurish kind of writing one could possibly imagine. Everything starts with the main girl’s desire for a normal and romantic university life and her insecurity about being a loudmouth and boyish girl. She then gets guilt tripped into joining the aviation club and gets to learn and shit. The first half hour is fairly generic but not too offensive with a story that seems pretty easy going with a decent balance between light romance, decent comedy and with the club keeping things moving. But then the writing turns more and more atrocious. Everything in that universe revolves around the main girl because she’s a perfect little snowflake. She’s got special flying talents, everyone always loves her, she causes all the problems for everyone but everyone always forgives her, she goes into another city on the other side of Japan and she finds her family members that somehow cause a ton of drama. EVERYTHING happening in the plot and EVERY SINGLE discussion between any single character during the entire movie is strictly about the main girl and how awesome she is. Oh and of course she gets a love triangle going on even if neither of the boys get any kind of development or even reason at all to like her. The author also can’t decide if the world of aviation is strict like the military or a hobby that people mess around with. We first get in one scene people absolutely freaking out and losing their shit because one single screw is missing which tells us how everything is strictly controlled and follows rules. Only for the main character later on in an official competition not doing her practice flight because “she forgot” and like… what about all the other people that have to be around her and check the flight..? Nobody called her or.. Nothing? Point is, the somehow super competitive world of gliders feels unrealistic and unprofessional. There’s so much drama inserted for no real reason inside the plot that goes nowhere, the only thing anyone ever learned in this whole movie was the mc learning she likes to fly, which she learns in the first 20 minutes. Romance goes nowhere, drama goes nowhere, the sports action gets repetitive after the second flight and yet goes on for more than an hour and the entire supporting cast are a blob of nameless unimportant personalityless extras.  You might get attracted to this for being a romance set in University, but don’t be fooled, the only reason for the age is the need for the characters to get a license to fly. In practice every character behaves like a middle schooler. I usually make more analytical and thematic reviews while this is just a rant but frankly, there’s no substance to discuss in this movie hence how this turned out. My score might seem to harsh, but I would genuinely not recommend this to anyone. 

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