Blue Seed Beyond

OVA (3 eps)
3.019 out of 5 from 831 votes
Rank #5,211

Momiji, Kusanagi and the rest of their friends have managed to save the world and the Aragami are gone forever -- or are they? In San Francisco, Aragami have begun to appear for mysterious reasons, and it's up to the gang to investigate. Luckily, they aren't alone; a young woman named Valencia -- who is the same human/Aragami hybrid as Kusanagi -- shows up to render her assistance and possibly steal Kusanagi's heart! With jealousy rising and monsters galore, can Momiji pull it together long enough to destroy the Aragami once more?

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Episode 1

Operation MITAMA - Phase 1

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Episode 2

Operation MITAMA - Phase 2

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Episode 3

The Six Beautiful Ladies’ Trip - Big Explosion of the Secret Hot Spring

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sothis Mar 5, 2005
Score 3/10

After the events of Blue Seed, the Aragami have been destroyed, and the world is safe. Unfortunately, this relatively short period of peace is upset when the Aragami return, this time on the other side of the world in San Francisco! Of course, Momiji and co. go there to check out the threat, and thus the story begins.

Blue Seed 2 has some major, major problems. First of all, I’ve... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Jul 22, 2013
Score 2/10

I’m not going to lie, what the hell happen? I loved the first series and all the fun Omakes that were in it. And then this one came out. It changed the story around badly. The ending of the first one was perfect and really didn’t leave any room for a second series to be made unless they wanted the bad guy from the first one to come back angry again but this one has a bad guy and in America no less... read more

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