Bloody Night

Web (1 ep x 5 min)
2.071 out of 5 from 318 votes
Rank #16,247

A girl runs through a dark alley, trying desperately to avoid being eaten by a large, red, hungry monster...

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Story: A girl is chased by a red monster. Thing. Animation: Looks quite unpolished to Dat Ass Pussycat with the constant rape face pig (Obligatory mention) and Chainsaw Maid, both of which are superior to it in anything that isn't related to blood. Excusing those two superior, vastly sexier claymation shorts, Bloody Night features shitloads of blood. I mean, I never expected people to bleed that much! The guy was fucking pouring out blood after he vomited it! And don't get me started on what happened to the monster, because it was fucking awesome. Points for the blood and other bodily fluids (Not urine you sick fuck. Or milk, you Papi devotee) but aside from that, the animation was shit and some of it was a horrid contrast to the claymation. Sound: Silent movie. Characters: A little girl who acts accordingly to what little girls would do and actually runs instead of standing and screaming; the red monster... thing... probably a pedo monster who has every sick intention to eat her. The homeless guy in his hobo box... and the end character. Props on the end character for his end characteristic of pissing on the rules of reason. Over- Fine, fine. Story: A pedo monster chases a little girl through the dead of the night. Why? Who cares. Why is he there or how he got there? Fuck that. Is that his p- Hold it, not going there. Basically, you aren't here for story but I can tell you this: The conclusion kicks ass. When it's bloody, it kicks ass. But also when it's bloody, it's fucking bloody or is about to get as bloody as a blood drive exploding. That's it for plot. Overall: Probably the worst of the set, but I don't remember Within the Bloody Woods. It has it's perks, mainly blood and other liquidy things pouring out, some gore, more blood and truly, it's crap. If you can appreciate senseless blood and toothless toothy darkly humorous violence, feel free to give this a watch. I can't entirely recommend it but only if you want twisted claymation with oodles of red clay. Or is it playdoh?

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