Bloody Date

Web (1 ep x 5 min)
1.777 out of 5 from 344 votes
Rank #9,314

A girl and a boy lovingly sit beside each other in a park and lean in for a kiss, when they are interrupted by a man who pops up from behind the park bench, chopping the boy's head with an axe. Terrified, the girl runs from the boy's lifeless body as fast as she can, hoping to escape the carnage...

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Lacimehc Nov 11, 2011
Score 7/10

Oh, a short anime film that isn't by Yoji Kuri? That's automatically a step up.
Story: While the story is very simple, it's still quite engaging for a silent short film. I actually found myself getting creeped out a bit by what was happening.
Animation: If you're looking for typical anime then you won't find it with these short films. I'm actually quite impressed by the quality here... read more

FriendlyDemon's avatar
FriendlyDemon Nov 24, 2017
Score 5.3/10

Story: The main story is about a father trying to feed his poor family (and his demon goat). We follow him in his struggle to provide food and shelter for the people he loves the most: his wife and his disabled daughter, who lost one of her eyes in horrible accident (and his demon goat). The secondary plot follows a young girl trying to hinder the man's good intentions. She breaks into his... read more



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