Bloody Date

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A girl and a boy lovingly sit beside each other in a park and lean in for a kiss, when they are interrupted by a man who pops up from behind the park bench, chopping the boy's head with an axe. Terrified, the girl runs from the boy's lifeless body as fast as she can, hoping to escape the carnage...

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Story: I seriously can't stop laughing at how hilariously bloody and fuckballs disturbing this was. Starts off with a girl and a boy, about to swap spit when OH SHIT A KILLER LEAPS OUT AND KILLS THE BOYFRIEND! Right in the fucking head. With an axe. That pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this hilarious bloodfest, which is about blood. And some nice decorations, but mostly blood and stupidity. Quite frankly, the plot is shit but the hilarious events, that table room and that fucking hilarious ending give it marks. Hilariously fucked up, I should say, and hilarious when you think about it. A pity about the dub being shit, but more on that later. Art: I mistook the purple matter for blood, but it proved to me that blood is still red and that wasn't censorship, just brains. Which are purple. I don't know, but they covered the girl. But the blood, fucking shitloads of it. Lose something? Fountain of blood. No jokes, fucking fountain of blood pours out and they can still get up. Other stuff? How about that crappy ass framed drawing? Fucking shit is what it is and it's near to some abstract modernism piece that deplicts the sins of humanity in the totaliarianism regime of society as a demonic whole. Know what? You're here for the blood in claymation. Sound: Once again, I watched the dub, and it was a shitty ass dub lacking the original's music. But it had some commentary, stuff about rape, bad voice produced music, bow-chicka-wow-wow and apart from that, it's a silent movie. As Popee the Performer mostly proved, you don't need voices for shit. Funny at times, but still pretty crappy. Characters: Her boyfriend for all of 15 seconds looks a wee bit older than the underaged girl. Might be because he's a bit fat around the belly, but it's just kinda creepy. The girl herself shows some promise but is still kinda dumb, the others... creepy as fuck. Except for the older woman, she's got spunk. But that kid, seriously creepy as fuck. That table scene was on the border of hilariously disturbing and for that, most of the points go to him. Or her. It. Overall: I can't score this higher than Chainsaw Maid or constant rape face pig of Pussycat so it ends up with a 6. It's hilarious, it's bloody, hilariously bloody; it's creepy as fuck, you need no morals or lunch, no sense of sanity or anything remotely logical. Tune in for the blood, the creepiness and unintentional hilarity. But it truly depends on your mindset: Either you'll find this hilariously bloody and disturbing, or you'll be disgusted at how people can like this shit. I'm sure you know which group you fit under.

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