Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

Alt title: Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2017
4.01 out of 5 from 7,984 votes
Rank #922
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

Second season of Blood Blockade Battlefront.

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*Kekkai Sensen S1 spoilers* Helsalem's lot is my city I was always a bit confused a bit by the direction the plot of the original Blood Blockade Battlefront was taken in, for an anime that started out as a perfect example of pure action, fun, great animation, and brilliant characters in something you can actually relax your critical eye around it sure went down a dark path of edginess quick, didn't it? But luckily this time around the cute vampires are gone and the rest of what you love is present. You have your generic looking protagonist in Leonardo Watch back at it again with his signature special eyes which are still only good for two things: looking up his enemies' defensive skirts and figuring out magic tricks. He does much less of this in this sequel though, as our brockesque lead takes a backseat to the more interesting members of Libra. There's an episode dedicated to almost every important member of the crew that weren't covered enough in the first series, and that's what the story consists of. The episodic style makes a comeback in this way. Every episode has a unique dialogue style fitted to the character the episode covers and some sort of enemy for them to fight. This persists over 8/10 of the episodes, where two-parters focusing on newer characters take up the other 4. What mostly seperates this from its predecessor in terms of story is the way multiple interesting things are taking center stage at the same time instead of a battle or two happening in the background while the story focuses on the intricacies of leonardo's peace of mind. I do like how there's no overarching plot this time since B^3 didn't do that very well and it works better without it. The attacks are still as cool as ever, but the first episode steals the rest of the anime's thunder in episode 1 when it coems to animation. Yutaka nakamura's signature sakuga style returns and god damn is it beautiful. The first half of the first episode is by far my favorite thing to come out in the 2017 season, and a contender for best animated sequence all year. too brilliant not to put here. Episode 5 had an almost redline-esque car scene, proving nakamura isn't out of bounds when it comes to trying new things. Simply beautiful stuff. The sound is phenominal and it's one of the only shows this year that's caught my attention. The opening is so quirky and it fits, the ending as well, the OST is used exceptionally well. I view the characters similarly to the way I did season 1, very creative cast each one of them different, a few newcomers that were fun to watch, but Chain, Gilbert and KK's characterizations shot up quite a lot for one. Plenty of others too but those took the cake for me in their episodes. Not all of them were balls-out action, though their animation budget wasn't wasted even for the more lighthearted ones and didn't fail to make them intense either. Individually the stories make perfect use of their situations too. I never felt the need for more focus on anything else when chain was phasing through walls to deactivate a bomb or while gilbert was chasing down brainheisters. They're almost short movies, all in a line. An extremely satisfying ending that still leaves room for more, tons of stuff about the world expanded on, more humor- totally worth it. I love this show. Not much to complain about besides episodes 8 and 9 being a bit weak.


To begin the review, let me say I was very happy with this season for a number of reasons, which will be explained in the review. This was probably one of the few anime this fall season of 2017 that didn't disappoint me. Then again Studio Bones most of the time is pretty awesome with their anime productions so I'm not surprised. And now, let the review begin! Story- For the most part, this season was very episodic with the exploits of the organization Libra and with Leonardo of course. As some may have noticed Bones changed the director for the Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, and thus the crazy story-telling has been dialed down a bit. But I think this helps the anime be a bit more focused with the story, especially given the fact that some of the episodes are character focused, like with Gilbert, Chain, Steven, Zed and others. If you don't mind a slow burner of a season, you'll probably like it, but I bet people will binge watch it any way since its only 12 episodes. Animation- Studio Bones doesn't disappoint when it comes to the animation for this season. I'd say one of the highest points was when Steven and Klaus fought that Blood Breed together. That fight was dope, but its sure a good thing Leonardo can read their true names, otherwise they would have lost that fight. Sound- The sound also helps the series a great deal, but its no surprise with Bones. The opening and the ending truly fit the theme for the show, plus I love that insert song during the part with Leonardo during the season finale. Characters- Ah yes, the characters. They are easily the best part of this particular season, mostly due to the fact that during the episodic format. There's Chain and her history with the werewolf squad, Zed trying to get a job to help out, K.K. trying to go to her son's school on parent's day during her work for Libra, there's just so much character development, even with Leonardo and sister Michella, which is the big reason why this season is a big deal. Although the last few episodes shed some light on Leonardo and where his story will go, I like how its slow and steady, much like how Michella describes her brother like a turtle. We still haven't gotten any backstory with Klaus yet, but a character that important usually has their backstory connected to the main story, so its only a matter of time.  Overall- Even though this season feels different compared to the last one I don't think that's a bad thing. If a new director know what they're doing, they can do a pretty awesome job. I'm intrigued as well as hyped to see where they're going to take this urban fantasy series next. You can bet I'll be looking out for when the next season comes out, cause I need more!

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