Blessing of the Campanella

Alt title: Shukufuku no Campanella

TV (12 eps)
3.058 out of 5 from 2,197 votes
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In a busy trade city, item engineer Leicester Maycraft’s guild of adventurers—Oasis—gathers to watch a meteor shower. After one of the falling stars crashes into the cathedral, Maycraft discovers a sleeping girl who carries a mysterious message. When she wakes up—his life takes an adventurous turn!

Source: Funimation

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Story: Shukufuku no Campanella (Blessing of the Campanella) is a series set in Ert’Aria, starring main protagonist and generic anime male lead Leicester Maycraft, member of Oasis- an adventurer’s clan. Despite what this suggests, he doesn’t actually get down ‘adventuring’ for a while as the anime has to introduce an entire check list of females, all sporting colourful outfits with intricate patterns. So many characters, yet they are each about as deep as a puddle. A really small puddle probably caused from the tears of boredom streaming out of this reviewers eyes. This series is actually like watching paint dry. The first episode was about as exciting as the series gets: there is going to be a meteor shower- yes, this show is going to waste time animating small rocks flying across the sky after having the numerous characters with no personality talk about it for half the episode. Wow, it must be really exciting. Come on, people. Go on an adventure already. What happens at the meteor shower is the most random and terrible thing that could ever happen to a series that might have potential- he finds a girl lying down and she wakes up. And she thinks he is her father. Cue embarrassing faces and much eye-rolling. No, I do not find this concept cute, despite the fact that the girl’s character design is cute. This makes no sense. How can a meteor shower trigger this? How can she think Leicester is her father when he is probably only 5 years older? What if instead of Leicester finding her, it had been a drunken serial killer covered in blood, attempting to summon the devil whilst holding a meat cleaver? Would she consider this guy ‘papa’ too? The series never really gets much better; there are some ‘hilarious’ bath scenes that show a bit more of the female characters than I would like to see (No, not their in-depth personalities, they are never shown) and pretty much every character jokes about getting together with Leicester. This is really interesting stuff that will put you on the edge of your seat, if you haven’t already left it to stare at the grass growing outdoors. Seriously, keep an eye on that grass; it might actually do something interesting, which is more than this series ever does. Anyway, the excitement builds up and boom, episode about hot springs, episode about shopping (episode 5, also known as FILLER FILLER FILLER), episode about a cafe or something...episode 10 was around the time the series got good, yet it still makes you wonder- why waste so many episodes pandering to fans and not building up suspense? Is it really that hard to come up with enough content to fill 12 episodes? The ending did not feel like an ending- it felt like a release, how it must feel to escape a crazy kidnapper. There are still-frame images to show how the characters move on, such as the street performer Agnes street performing, the knight fighting like a knight, the maid being a maid and the rest of the cast who’s names I have completely forgotten looking around and acting like cardboard cut outs. Huh. The problem this series suffers is that it cannot decide whether to be completely adventurous (and different to most series) or ecchi fun-time starring lots of girls wiggling and jiggling and not being interesting. Unfortunately, we are blessed with the latter. Selling pillow cases with variations for each individual girl is a far better way to make money than, say, creating a great show that people can find gripping and intense. Well, it was adapted from a visual novel, after all. Animation: Despite the series many flaws, it is clear that the animator put in a lot of effort. Every scene is full of flowing bright colours and the characters movements are fluid and realistic. The CGI used in some of the battle scenes are over the top, standing out from the rest of the show but adding a certain flavour that is delightful to look at. As described in the section above, the characters clothing were detailed and would be great inspiration for cosplayers (personally, Carinas outfit is gorgeous and Chelseas' is beautiful). The character design for Chelsea (the shy knight with large breasts) looks similar to Cecily Cambell from The Sacred Blacksmith. In fact, Nina (the maid) looks similar the Aria from that series too. Sort of. Leicester also has the same voice actor as the lead male, Luke and the last episode had a ‘Sacred Sword’... Maybe it’s all just a coincidence. The animation is definitely the best thing about the show.  Or at least until the OVA, in which Minette is shown in one frame with pigtails, then the screen zooms in and her pigtails are missing (around 1:19 if you want proof of this catastrophe). But the OVA isn’t part of the series anyway, so the animation for Shukufuku is still pretty high. Soundtrack: The music used in the opening and ending themes are forgettable, and they use any opportunity to throw in a song or two- usually generic sounding and instantly forgettable. Much like the show itself. They mix the songs around on the last episode. I’m not sure why. It doesn't have much effect on the series.   Characters: The first episode introduced around 8 characters, and by episode two a further 5 were introduced. The names were difficult to remember and most characters barely had any show time throughout the series.  The female characters were all variations of otaku bait; including identical twins, the polite rich girl and her maid, busty warrior who is shy despite being tough, lots of young girls including Minette and Agnes, and scantily dressed dragon that looks nothing like a dragon. The series added in a lot of characters near the end, most of them related to Minette, but they are never properly explained. This is the type of show where you have to pick a favourite character to fully enjoy it. Unfortunately, I have decided my favourite is Nina, the maid, who does not do anything of interest except look adorable. Chelsea is also pretty awesome, although the cast seem to only want to focus on her breasts. Hurray. The twin girls Salso and Ritos Tortilla both have delicious yet cruel names- what mad man would call their daughter Salsa? Even knowing her last name is Tortilla, which goes so well with Salsa? It's like being called Cabbage Salad or Beef Burger... Moving on, none of the characters in this series were memorable except for having cute character designs and being marketable to the series target audience.   Overall: Well, it’s better than sticking needles into your eyes, and it can be visually appealing when it isn’t being boring or predictable. I would recommend watching this to anyone who enjoys shows that are clearly harem, do not wrap up endings properly, make barely any sense and waste an entire 24 minute episode focusing on a girl shopping. That’s 24 minutes you will never get back. If the choices you are set with are watching this series, drinking a litre of curdled milk or, as mentioned before, putting pins in your eyes and you had to make one choice, definately watch this series. If, however, you aren't being pressured by rotten milk and pins, do yourself a favour and stay away from this generic series.


-Story-I did not really find the story of Shukufuku no Campanella all that good. At first it seems like a lighthearted fantasy story that one falls in love with for being charming, but halfway through it tries to become a story that leads up to a final showdown, which just didn't work with this series. It also had one of those annoying endings with some lame sappy morale that all of the characters learn in the end and then everything is peaches and cream from that point on. I thought the ending was extremely lame. Some of the jokes seemed to be too repetitive, and I thought that the ecchi moments early on in the series were totally unneccesary for the type of show they were going for.-Animation-The animation was nothing really to complain about, but nothing really to like either. The one consolidation that Shukufuku no Campanella has in the animation and art department was that some of the action sequences did look somewhat nice, but other than that, It was nothing to make one watch the series.-Characters-There were some moments when I liked the characters, but there were other times when I did not like them one bit. Some of the supporting characters were a bit flat and weak, and I found every freaking girl in the series undying affection for Leicester quite annoying. If I had to pick a favorite character though, I would have to say Agnes because she is the only cool character. Leicester is all right, but nothing to rave about. Leicester's fangirls were just downright annoying. Minette was very naive, especially towards the end of the series.-Overall-I did not find Shukufuku no Campanella all that entertaining, but if you are looking to blow some time then you might want to watch it, but there are so many better things to do with ones time.

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