Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion

Movie (1 ep x 93 min)
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Hitsugaya and his Division are charged with guarding the powerful and mysterious King's Seal as it is moved from one location to the other, but a surprise attack by an unknown assailant from Hitsugaya's past decimates the defense and the Seal disappears. Wounded and framed for crimes he did not commit, Hitsugaya defects from his title and pursues the thief, reaching into memories from his past for clues. Meanwhile, the rest of the Soul Society looks for answers as to the location of the Seal and who their enemy could be. It's up to Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and the loyal Matsumoto to clear Captain Hitsugaya's name, find the King's Seal and bring the new enemy to justice.

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Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion takes place in the Bleach universe, as the title may suggest. It focuses mainly on 10th squad captain Hitsugaya Toshiro, so if you're a fan of him, you'll enjoy this movie, and if you're not, you might not find it interesting. If you're neither of the former, like me, you'll probably enjoy it too.The story isn't the most original story you'll see, as it follows the theme of revenge based off of a grudge from the past. Said revenge will be executed by obliterating everything. So there's nothing special in that department. Toshiro gets involved in this act of revenge because he has a connection to the man who holds the grudge against Seireitei. One day, the King's Seal, a mysterious and powerful artifact, gets stolen from right under the noses of the squad protecting it (the 10th squad), and Toshiro ends up missing. Now, events that may change Seireitei begin to unfold. And that's where the movie starts off.It gradually explores Toshiro's past with the man who wants to take revenge on Seireitei with sporadic flashbacks, that doesn't make a lot of sense at first, but they become more and more clear as the events in the movie unfold, and you soon get to learn the reason behind this man's grudge against Soul Society. While this way of telling the story is not something unseen, it works very well with this movie, and does give it some extra tension and entertainment value.Long-time Bleach fans will probably enjoy this movie because we get to see many characters we've not seen fight for a long time fight. Among others, there's Zaraki at his craziest, Yoruichi and Soi Fon with their Shunko, and Ikkaku with his bankai. Of course, there's a lot of icy fighting courtesy of Toushiro.Another thing I believe long-time Bleach fans will find enjoyable is the animation quality, which is at the very least astounding. With awesome lighting effects, very fluid character movements and high attention to detail, it surpasses the normal quality of Bleach's animation by many levels. If I could, I'd set the score to 15/10.The soundtrack is awesome as well, with astounding tunes that fit right into the mood of the movie, amplifying the scenes and events as well as a soundtrack should. DDR's soundtrack is one of the few that gets the honor of being downloaded to my computer.All in all, if you're a Bleach fan, don't hate Toshiro, and if you don't mind a classic revenge-based story, chances are you'll enjoy this movie.


Ah, a Bleach movie. Movies deriving from a series are 99% of the time just filler episodes with better animation, more action and a lame story. Did this movie escape this formula and offered something different for a chance? … Hell, no.First of all, if you haven’t watched any episodes, stay away from the movie. You won’t like the setting without prior knowledge of the general story and cast. Plus, the action may mislead you as it hardly gets so good in the series.Second, if you do know of the series and go for this movie, be prepared for simply another filler mission, with predictable plot and pseudo-serious matters. Of course, chances are you watch Bleach just for the battles as neither the story nor the characters are deeper than a rain pond; so this will not faze you at all. Animation and sound wise, the movie is very good. It uses cinematics, greater than those in the initial episodes (how do I miss those) and makes the story to look dramatic, like a good samurai movie. The level of lining detail is more or less the same, though there is a higher plethora of colors and a much lower amount of static images and repeating frames. I must say that as far as atmosphere in a title like Bleach goes, the movie did a wonderful job.Of course, most will not care about this as much as the action part. Yes, there is action and it is freaking awesome. If you are into superpower battles, you will not be disappointed. Still, don’t expect any realism or decent choreography, as the whole deal was, and still is, just people yelling the names of their attacks and then their swords magically change shapes and spit all sorts of elemental spells. Thunders and lightings fill the screen and buildings crumble and dimensions merge and… Well… it looks epic; who cares about logic. What else… Ah, yes; voice acting. Can’t say it was any better than in the series. It is still mostly one-liners and yelling of the names of transforming swords and spells. The dramatic tension is almost lost because of all that… But who cares; it is a Bleach movie. Story and characters are, as expected, more shallow and uninteresting than in the series. Not by too much though, as all of us who know of Bleach are aware that there was never much meat around those bones to begin with. So, once again, Soul Society is in danger, all the captains attack and do a cameo parade of special attacks before Ichigo storms in and saves the day in the same fashion as always… Actually, the story is not very different than the Hueco Mundo ark. Same basic plot, same pattern in battles. I can only say that the shift of protagonist from the dorky lead Ichigo, to the white haired boy Hitsugaya was not very successful. Being a filler mission, it doesn’t matter how much they try to flesh him out. Sure, he is less pathetic than Strawberry Boy, but still, he is just another guy shy around women, wielding a magic sword. As for his tragic past and movie rival, it was quite ridiculous as you never quite see how his childhood friend managed to survive, raised a huge army of ghosts and invaded Soul Society like there was no protection at all. Or why the heck doesn’t anyone do something about the ever-present scheming leaders of Soul Society and just kills all those who try to change things. And anyway, Ichigo was still the one to beat the baddy, so what’s the point? Why don’t they just make a movie about Zaraki picking his nose and slaying monsters from beginning to end? It will be far more interesting and it will not even need a story.Anyway, in a flash, it is about every character in the series showing off his powers before Ichigo predictably wins. Nice action, boring plot. Value and enjoyment … or the absence of them. Personally, I have dropped the series and deleted all the movies moths ago. I lost interest in shonen that are nothing more than brainless action and lame attempts at drama. There are far more interesting shonen, as there are far more dramatic and realistic samurai movies. So, aside from the fanboys of the series, this movie is more or less a waste of time. Something to watch when you have nothing else to watch or just want to see pretty lights filling the screen. So, at best you can enjoy yet another uninspired movie about yet another series that went down the drain after a while. Cheers!

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