Blade of the Phantom Master

Alt title: Shin Angyo Onshi

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.501 out of 5 from 2,050 votes
Rank #3,271

Munsu is an Angyou Onshi - an arbiter for the country of Jushin. Fighting evil is all he knows, but since Jushin has recently collapsed, what is he fighting for? Wandering from place to place, Munsu finds himself battling those who would further destabilize the country, whether they be arms dealers, smugglers, tyrants, or necromancers. Accompanied by a female warrior named Chunhyan and able to call upon the strength of a ghostly legion with his Angyou Onshi powers, Munsu sets out to help those who are willing to take a step towards helping themselves, and bring justice against all that is evil in the world.

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EmpressAries's avatar
EmpressAries Jan 25, 2016
Score 5/10

This is one of those movies that feels more like an episode than an actual movie. It starts off great but by the time the movie is over, you're expecting more. It felt like the ending was a "monster of the week" or "calamity of the week"  type situation but it just ends there. The characters are pretty vague due to the timespan, meaning you don't know much more about the characters than... read more

casandra29's avatar
casandra29 Feb 17, 2016
Score 6/10

As someone who read the manga, I can say that they did a decent job animating the parts of the story that they did do. However, I think that some of the parts that were left out, were vital to making the story good for those who have no experience with the manga. It is for that reason I could not give the movie's story high marks.   The animation had no issues. It was fluid and done... read more

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