Blade of the Immortal

Alt title: Mugen no Juunin

TV (13 eps)
3.368 out of 5 from 4,920 votes
Rank #4,371

Manji, a recently-turned immortal swordsman, has sworn to kill a thousand villains to counterbalance the merciless and indiscriminate slaughter that ended with the death of his sister. To this end, he decides to travel with Rin, a young girl who reminds him of the sister he failed. She has sworn to take vengeance on the Itto-ryu, specifically their leader Anotsu; for the Itto-ryu are group of elite swordsmen who killed her parents and raped her mother in front of her. However; being immortal doesn’t guarantee victory: Manji’s skill and immortality will be tested to their limits...

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Boy, adaptations are usually messed up but this was overkill…Animated by Studio Bee Train, which usually has high budgets and places most of its appeal on aesthetics rather than anything else. They messed up in this one though. Directed by Mashimo Kouichi, who pretty much directed all of Bee Train’s infamous “chicks with guns” shows that made it so rich. I find very little to write about animation and sound. They are pretty standard with what you can get in modern anime. Almost uninspiring, there is nothing outstanding in overall. Although the battles are decent with catchy visual effects and a lot of gore and the music is fitting in ok, it is still not something you have any reason to remember. On the other hand it is something to remember and hate if you happen to have read the manga this anime is the adaptation of. Not only the aesthetics flew out the window but also even the gore was toned down a lot. As far as the source material goes, its adaptation is disappointing at the least. For you see, the artwork in the manga was full of rough outlines and a dynamic pen that was giving a feeling of fear and unrest to everything. Making the anime look… normal is like taking a Picasso painting and redrawing the people in order to look real. Art is not there. Remember how cool Ichigo’s Vizard mask looks in the Bleach manga and how lame it is in the Bleach anime? Something like that.Just for that, the general animation is pretty generic to make an actual impression on you. Taking out the unresting looks that made the manga special, toning down the violence and even adding some humor here and there, turned a story like the Watchmen to look like Super Friends in aesthetics. Because let’s face it; the manga was good mostly as art and emotion rather than anything else. This adaptation killed all the good parts.And even going beyond that, this series is not good not even as a standard action series. Although there are many brutal swordfights you lose interest pretty fast as you realize the main character can never die no matter how many times he gets stabbed, clubbed or thrown into a huge blender. Because he is immortal. Not Dragonball Z immortal; he doesn’t get resurrected. Not even One Piece immortal who miraculously never dies no matter how many times he is hit. He simply heals any type of wound in seconds. Although it looks cooler this way, down to it, it doesn’t really matter how strong his opponent is or what technique he is using. The protagonist just gets hit without caring and waits for the adversary to make an opening and kills him. Because he is unstoppable and they are not. Man, I hadn’t seen such boredom in action since Ninja Scroll TV.And he is not even cool like Alucard from Hellsing or Dark Shneider of Bastard!! Therefore he makes no real impression on you. Neither do his random enemies and allies. Because the story is basically a revenge quest you have probably seen a billion times already, made up of stand alone missions. Plus, it ends without concluding anything. So although the story of someone who must kill all the bad guys in order to be allowed to die sounds very special at first, the fact that nothing actually happens kind of ruins everything.In all this is quite a passable series. Personally, not even the aesthetics of the manga managed to keep me interested for long. It was the gore that mattered the most and even that fell short before an all mighty protagonist without any special features that kills senselessly. Therefore I say the manga may be a good time killer if gore and aesthetics is all you want but the anime is one big failure you better never even try to watch. SUGGESTION LIST HellsingBastard!!Basilisk


I decided to watch this anime based on the main character's design.  I had seen him in a couple of manga covers and thought he was like a samurai Wolverine, maybe with a carefree attitude like a typical ronin.  Too bad the anime did not support my vision.   WHAT’S GOOD? Animation is fine.  Main character looks cool. The series is short. I don’t know.  Nothing made an impression on me. WHAT’S BAD? I have always enjoyed samurai characters that employ many swords in one fight, even if it is a silly notion.  There was a villain in "Rurouni Kenshin" and a character in "Samurai Shodown" that did so.  However, it's much dumber in this anime when half-a-dozen blades drop down his kimono sleeves.  Really?  They were not attached or anything? Ooookay. The story slows down at parts too and this is a series with just 13 episodes!  Did they plan it well? No. The villains can be quite laughable too.  I mean, the first bad guy is a ninja with two female heads sewn onto his shoulders.  He has had them for a while and they are not even rotten.  That's way out there for me.  At least in "Naruto", Sasori and Kakuzu took a long time to appear, so that we were comfortable by then to see some really weird ninja character concepts. The fights go more for an artistic style than a clear style.  So if you like clear sword-fighting scenes like me, this might not be your anime. RECOMMEND? No. There’s better stuff out there. Even if I’m not a big fan of it, “Samurai Champloo” is better. For the most part, “Rurouni Kenshin” is better. Basically, you can’t watch this anime for the fights or the story, so there’s no point.

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