Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2006
4.461 out of 5 from 26,309 votes
Rank #126

It has been a year since Rock joined the crew of the Black Lagoon, and while becoming accustomed to life in Roanapur, he also gets involved in many dangerous circles. With the level of violence increasing by the day, Hotel Moscow takes advantage of Rock's talents, and he soon finds himself intimately involved in their struggle for power. A series of events eventually lead Rock back to Japan as a translator for Balalaika, where he soon finds himself confronted with the choice of returning to his old life or continuing with the new. While questioning where his morals lie, Rock must decide, once and for all, whether or not to call the Black Lagoon home.

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(Sub) The Vampire Twins Comen image

Episode 1

(Sub) The Vampire Twins Comen

(Sub) Bloodsport Fairytale image

Episode 2

(Sub) Bloodsport Fairytale

(Sub) Swan Song at Dawn image

Episode 3

(Sub) Swan Song at Dawn

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Episode 4

(Sub) Greenback Jane

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Episode 5

(Sub) The Roanapur Freakshow Circus

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Episode 6

(Sub) Mr. Benny's Good Fortune

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Episode 7

(Sub) Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise

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Episode 8

(Sub) The Succession

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Episode 9

(Sub) Two Father's Little Soldier Girls

(Sub) The Dark Tower image

Episode 10

(Sub) The Dark Tower

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Episode 11

(Sub) Snow White's Payback

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Episode 12

(Sub) The Gunslingers

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Sheex's avatar
Sheex Jul 18, 2007
Score 7.5/10

The Second Barrage picks up right where Black Lagoon leaves off, carrying on the same sense of atmosphere and style.  Instead of four separate mini-arcs, however, there are three, each with a unique focus: the first on the macabre, the second on humor, the third on character depth.  While not quite on the level as the first season, if you loved Black Lagoon you definitely ought to turn... read more

mahius's avatar
mahius Feb 4, 2015
Score 8.5/10

If ever there was an anime that depicted atmosphere of the criminal underworld, warts and all, it's this one. 12 episodes for the first season and another 12 for the second season, this anime is full of violence, guns, swearing, explosions and... great story. This isn't the mindless action anime it seems, it has a lot behind it, especially since the story revolves around a rather ordinary character in the... read more

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