Black Lagoon Specials

DVD Special (7 eps x 3 min)
2009 - 2010
3.677 out of 5 from 4,334 votes
Rank #3,300

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Story: 4/10 The Black Lagoon Specials, while providing some additional content for fans of the series, don't offer much in terms of a cohesive or engaging story. These episodes are essentially a collection of standalone, comedic shorts and side stories that lack the depth and intensity of the main series. While they can be entertaining at times, especially for fans looking for some light-hearted moments, they don't contribute significantly to the overarching narrative of Black Lagoon. Animation: 6/10 The animation quality in the Black Lagoon Specials is consistent with that of the main series. It maintains the gritty and detailed art style, which is essential in capturing the atmosphere of the series. However, as these episodes focus more on humor and comedic situations, the action sequences are less prominent and dynamic than in the main storyline. Nevertheless, the animation remains decent and true to the established aesthetic. Sound: 6/10 The sound in the Black Lagoon Specials is serviceable. While they lack the intense and dramatic musical score of the main series, they do have some appropriate background music and sound effects that enhance the comedic moments. The voice acting remains consistent with the characters' personalities, which adds to the overall enjoyment of these lighthearted episodes. Characters: 5/10 The Specials offer limited character development and exploration. Most of the characters remain consistent with their personalities from the main series, but the focus here is more on humor and exaggerated character traits. While it's amusing to see the characters in comical situations, it doesn't provide the same level of depth and growth seen in the original storyline. Overall: 5/10 The Black Lagoon Specials cater more to fans looking for humorous and episodic content rather than those seeking the intense and gritty storytelling of the main series. While they offer some entertaining moments and maintain the series' aesthetic, they lack a cohesive narrative and character development. With an overall score of 5/10, the Specials are a mixed bag that may appeal to dedicated fans but are unlikely to leave a lasting impact compared to the main Black Lagoon storyline.

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