Black Jack

TV (61 eps)
2004 - 2006
Fall 2004
3.656 out of 5 from 1,804 votes
Rank #2,757

Black Jack is a man with god-like surgical skills. Little is known about this mysterious, unlicensed physician aside from his immense talent, which is legendary amongst the medical community; but should you require the services of this genius, you must be prepared for a hefty price tag! Though he often appears to have the demeanour of a businessman more than a doctor, Black Jack is not entirely cold-hearted; and with the help of his assistant Pinoko, he will do all in his power to save his patients, no matter how obscure, difficult or unknown the ailment. However, even a man of science like Black Jack can be surprised by the medical mysteries that nature throws at him, and sometimes even by the sheer tenacity of human nature itself.

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The Order of Operations image

Episode 1

The Order of Operations

The Vanished Needle image

Episode 2

The Vanished Needle

The Ant's Legs image

Episode 3

The Ant's Legs

Playing Doctor image

Episode 4

Playing Doctor

The Sixth-Magnitude Man image

Episode 5

The Sixth-Magnitude Man

A Teacher and a Pupil image

Episode 6

A Teacher and a Pupil

White Lion image

Episode 7

White Lion

The Miracle Arms image

Episode 8

The Miracle Arms

Drawing Water image

Episode 9

Drawing Water

Legend of the Phoenix image

Episode 10

Legend of the Phoenix

Gift from a Killer Whale image

Episode 11

Gift from a Killer Whale

Give My Brother Back To Me! image

Episode 12

Give My Brother Back To Me!

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