Black Blood Brothers

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2006
3.805 out of 5 from 11,903 votes
Rank #2,031

Mochizuki Jirou, the Silver Blade, is an Old Blood. Ten years ago he fought the Kowloon Children, beings who were a threat to mankind and to vampires, in the Holy War. In the present, Jirou is trying to get to the Special Zone, a place where vampires and humans live alongside each other, with his brother; their guide is Mimiko Katsuragi, mediator for humans and vampires. But the brothers soon discover that the surviving Kowloon Children can also gain access to the Special Zone – if they receive an invite from a Royal within it. Who invited the Kowloon Children, and will Jirou be able to defeat them once more?

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(Sub) Black Blood Brothers image

Episode 1

(Sub) Black Blood Brothers

(Sub) Compromiser image

Episode 2

(Sub) Compromiser

(Sub) The Kowloon Bloodline image

Episode 3

(Sub) The Kowloon Bloodline

(Sub) Old Blood image

Episode 4

(Sub) Old Blood

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Episode 5

(Sub) The Special Economic Zone

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Episode 6

(Sub) The Coven

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Episode 7

(Sub) Silver Blade

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Episode 8

(Sub) Protector

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Episode 9

(Sub) The Eleventh Yard

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Episode 10

(Sub) The Order Coffin Company

(Sub) The Ocean image

Episode 11

(Sub) The Ocean

(Sub) For the Eternal Pulse of Mine Bloodline, I Would Offer This Blood in Totality image

Episode 12

(Sub) For the Eternal Pulse of Mine Bloodline, I Would Offer This Blood in Totality

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pikachu203's avatar
pikachu203 Aug 24, 2013
Score 7.5/10

Ah...  vampires...  I despise vampires.  I hate them with a burning passion due to the cliché way they are depicted in pop-culture.  Ever since Twilight was released and for some reason people enjoyed it (I did not!), paranormal romance has been in.  Hell, even when I go to the book store to buy some new books and mangas there's an entire section labeled Teen Paranormal... read more

PandaBeard's avatar
PandaBeard Mar 15, 2010
Score 7/10

Black blood brothers was enjoyable.Not the most solid of Vampire anime but defiantly worth the watch.Quite the interesting plot, Characters were sub-par, I found that sub characters had better interest than main characters. Jiro is just a mixture of Ronin Kenchin and Alculard from Hellsing. Just enough violence (For the gore happy crowd turn to Hellsing).Nice reminent flashbacks in the vein of... read more

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