Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

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Centers on two young women golfers named Eve and Aoi Amawashi. The two come from completely different backgrounds, and have the completely opposite play styles, and together they will shake the world of golf.

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A Show That Somehow Managed to Make Golf Interesting I wasn't expecting this to be good ngl, far from it. When I first heard of the "lesbian/golf/mafia anime" I immediately thought we were gonna be in for a dumpster fire; A turn your brain off and watch the carnage type of show. But it genuninely surpised me, and I am pleased to be wrong for once. It somehow took a concept that could've easily been a mindless, fanservicey trainwreck - and instead wrote a genuinely well written story. Complete with dynamic characters, development, genuinely good animation, and solid setup for the part 2. It didn't just spend 3 episodes and dive right into some tournament arc like some other sports anime do, which I cannot stand. It spent the first 8 setting up a remarkable story that was right on the cusp of bringing me to tears. The remaining 5 episodes were then used to build up to what will be the primary torunament arc and have introduced the many different factions and characters who will be involved in the story moving forward. It left on a roughly ideal spot to end the first part. The main draw and best aspect about Birdie Wing lies within how in it's approach towards this particular sport. Golf is inherently an extremely boring and mundane sport to watch from a spectator standpoint. It probably the slowest paced sport out there, and thus would never work within the conventional sports anime formula. This was by far the biggest reason I expected this anime to fail going into it. But they didn't, and how they managed it is quite creative.  Instead of taking itself super seriously, they decided to get creative and shake it up. The shots were insane, with their varried names and "bullet" identities, but maintained grounded in reality. It put a true anime feeling into it and made it both fun to watch without going over the top into stupid territory. They didn't overdip into echii except when it fit the bill (like with Vipere) and still managed to make appealing, sexy, and naturally attractive characters that retained my attention. Of course, it did dip into that often enough to make it fun (such as watching a councilman get blown away by a bazooka on the highway, which was hysterical) but they balanced it well. It kept just enough weight and stakes in the plot to drive it forward and keep tension throughout it. The writers plotted this out well and I commend them for it. Now that being said, it wasn't all fairways... All that praise now being said, it's definitely not a perfect show. It climaxes at the end of it's first arc at episode 8, and the remaining 5 episodes are spent retooling the show into a more typical, gifted school-based sports drama. It wasn't bad, but the quality, characters and storytelling of the first arc went from 9 down to a 6. The buildup isn't bad, there's a lot of potential in what they're doing and I think several of the characters will likely have a convincing and interesting turn around with development. But as it stands, they pale in comparison to that of the earlier characters like Rose.  The animation of many of it's non-golf portions were not up to par with the rest of the show, likely due to a definite lack of investment into these scenes. A certain goodbye scene I won't spoil was almost ruined due to how floppy and bad the characters running animation looked, and took a bit of focus away from the emotional aspect because it was noticeably bad. But this was the only "important" scene ruined by this element, so the animation still gets a high grade overall. There's also the "yuri-bait" factor that will undoubtedly piss a number of people off. This wasn't really a problem in the first 8 episodes, but came up a lot more in the final 5 of this season. The last episode in particular was heavily devoted to this aspect. I don't overly hate yuri-bait in general, it really goes case-by-case for me in regards to how relevant it is to a story and if it derails whats going on. Here it wasn't... overly derailing, but it played a part in lowering the tension and seriousness left at the end of the first arc going into the 2nd.  Final thoughts: I went into Birdie Wing expecting it to be trash, but came out genuinely hooked. It went way above my expectations, and I am actually happy to report how wrong my first impressions of this anime were. This is a massively overlooked gem from the Spring '22 lineup that I wish I found sooner. Depending on how they handle the follow up this could very well end up as one of the greats of Sports Anime, if albeit an underrated/overlooked one due to the more niche nature and lack of appeal for Golf as a sport. Will absolutely be watching part/season 2 this coming Winter. (Update: Birdie Wing was delayed from Winter to Spring 2023, still gonna be watching whenever it comes out)


"Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" is a refreshing take on the sports anime genre, focusing on the world of women's golf. It centers around the lives of two young golfers: Eve, a talented player from the underground golf scene, and Aoi Amawashi, a prodigious golfer from a prestigious background. Their contrasting styles and backgrounds set the stage for a compelling narrative that explores themes of rivalry, friendship, and personal growth within the competitive golfing landscape.  Driving the Fairway: Unique Sports Focus: The series distinguishes itself by spotlighting women's golf, a sport less commonly featured in anime. This unique focus allows "Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" to explore the intricacies of golf, including strategies, techniques, and the mental game, making it both educational and entertaining for viewers. Dynamic Character Duo: Eve and Aoi's relationship is central to the series, evolving from rivalry to mutual respect and friendship. Their interactions and development offer depth to the narrative, highlighting the impact of competition and camaraderie on personal growth. Vibrant Animation and Visuals: The animation brings the golf matches to life with vibrant visuals and dynamic shot compositions, capturing the intensity and precision of the sport. The attention to detail in depicting various golf courses and environments adds to the immersive experience of the series. Bunkers on the Course: Pacing and Focus: While "Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" benefits from its focus on golf, the pacing can sometimes be uneven, with certain matches or story arcs feeling prolonged. Balancing the technical aspects of golf with character development and plot progression is a challenge the series occasionally struggles with. Character Depth: Beyond Eve and Aoi, the series introduces a cast of supporting characters with varying degrees of development. Some viewers might find that not all characters receive enough backstory or growth, leaving potential for further exploration in future episodes or seasons. Teeing Off: Exploration of Themes: The series adeptly handles themes related to sportsmanship, the pursuit of excellence, and the challenges of overcoming personal and external obstacles. These themes resonate throughout the series, adding a layer of relatability and inspiration for viewers. Cultural and Social Commentary: "Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" subtly incorporates commentary on the socio-economic disparities within the sport of golf, providing a backdrop that enriches the narrative and adds complexity to the characters' motivations. Final Scorecard: "Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" offers a compelling and visually engaging journey into the world of women's golf, marked by its unique premise, engaging character dynamics, and thoughtful exploration of themes relevant to sports and personal development. While it navigates challenges related to pacing and character depth, the series succeeds in providing a fresh perspective on the sports anime genre, making it a worthwhile watch for fans looking for something different. For viewers interested in golf or sports narratives with a strong female lead, "Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story" delivers an enjoyable and inspiring experience that captures the spirit of competition and the power of friendship.

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