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In a remote area of the countryside lives Binchou-tan: a pint-sized and carefree girl who takes odd jobs in a nearby town whenever she is running low on rice. Her bus rides take place within the talons of a soaring bird and her everyday tasks are quiet and uneventful; but her friends make every day a fun surprise. With two pink-haired sisters, a lonely affluent girl and the televised musings of the strange muffin-like Pukashu, Binchou-tan will live her life one happy day at a time!

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Hello there you beautiful f@cks,my name is Dion and i will be your guide through this painful journey.......That is unless you're offended by every single thing so..Sorry! Now if my rating didn't give you a hint then here's one and don't say i didn't warn you...It's utter rubbish this anime.That's it..Oh you want more? Ok then..I hated Binchou-tan,simple as that..And when i hate an anime i will show it just like i will equally show it when i love an anime. And maybe i'm wrong-though i highly doubt it-and this anime is the best Japan has to offer in terms of entertainment.And it is if i'm honest,if you are a 4yr old or an adult who likes to fondle children..."But Dion i'm an adult and i find children disgusting and still i liked this one cause *insert generic moe-loving quote here*" And that there is the exact problem with this anime.I dare you to read any review about this anime,the only thing people say about it is that it's cute and heartwarming and moe and kawai and it has chibi sexed up kids.Which only helps solidifying my case even more. Don't believe me?Then why don't you do this?Go watch the 1st episode and come back and tell me i'm wrong.That this anime is full of meaning and has hidden messages and shit.It barely has any dialogues in it and most of it comes from the narrator..Apart from that there's no story whatsoever it's just a chibi little kid going about her bussiness at the mountains,collecting food and that's about it..Now granted there are some characters being introduced later on but even with these additions the anime barely shows signs of life,by which i mean that if i were a pedophile i'd very much love the fact that they fall on their faces and show some skin.. So the story is vacant and dull and animationwise it has nothing to show apart from chibi cute characters and overall subpar animation that can destroy your eyes like you poured bleach in them.So what about the characters AS characters.. Well i did not like them at all either.They were as one dimensional as they could be with only one gimmick that would be used until the very bitter end.And speaking of bitter ends the only development that occured was on the last episode and i couldn't give a rat's ass about it. So yeah,if you're into cute episodic anime with no substance whatsoever then this is the anime for you..If you're like me though and you like your anime with some HP sauce and some ACTUAL content then why not try something else and not bother with this one at all eh?

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