Bikini Warriors

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
1.658 out of 5 from 2,621 votes
Rank #12,372

A team of four brave women -- Fighter (also the daughter of a legendary warrior who saved the country in the past), Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf -- accept the quest of saving the world from destruction. In order to achieve the goal they have to barter with villagers and fight against numerous monsters in their sexy and scantily-clad bikinis.

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Bikini Warriors seems to be what's born when a couple of guys sit together and start asking themselves how many tits and asses they can get in 4-minute shorts, while still keeping something that may or may not smell like a plot. Then, the animators decided to start putting the tits and asses together, and use the pretense of an RPG-parody to get the "storyline". Needless to say, there is no story to speak of, although some of the first episodes managed to make a pretty good parody. You also don't need to watch it for the characters: even the creators themselves were too lazy to give them any names, and decided to just refer to them by their classes (Mage, Paladin, Fighter and Darkelf ). If the creators can't even be bothered to give them any names, then how would you expect the characters to be memorable?  The only thing you could remember them for is the size of their tits or asses. So is there something good about this show? The animation perhaps? And again, we get a big NOPE. The best animation is seen in episode 1, when Darkelf's boobs are fluttering in the wind (although there's some Gainaxing later on too). The rest of the budget went to tits, asses, and a (little bit) to the bikinis. Darkelf's face looks especially ugly. Sound then? As you've probably guessed, there's nothing memorable here either. The OP and ED are forgettable, there's no songs elsewhere, and the sound effects and VAs are OK.  Overall: Some episodes managed to be a quite good parody of RPGs. This is especially the case in the first few eps, but any promise the show might have shown was quickly thrown away and the animators decided to make a soft hentai instead. The only reason why anyone would watch this is to look at the T&A.

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