Bikini Warriors

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
1.775 out of 5 from 2,215 votes
Rank #9,529
Bikini Warriors

A team of four brave women -- Fighter (also the daughter of a legendary warrior who saved the country in the past), Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf -- accept the quest of saving the world from destruction. In order to achieve the goal they have to barter with villagers and fight against numerous monsters in their sexy and scantily-clad bikinis.

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hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Dec 29, 2015
Score 2/10

Don't touch that play button. Stop. What are you doing? Just... why? Where to begin with this anime? It was meant as parody to most RPG games where the female characters tend to get horribly small armor sets. I'm looking at you Final Fantasy XIV. What it ends up being is soft-core hentai. The joke was taken too far and went into the red-zone of weird that I usually reserve for Queen's Blade. Is there a story?... read more

Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Feb 5, 2016
Score 10/10

Story It is about a group of buxom, nubile, female warrior vixens who are scantily clad. Do you want more? Hm. I guess it's technically about a Fighter, sexy Paladin, best Magician and dark elf... warrior/mage hybrid, I guess. She isn't really a magic knight as she- wait, she might be classified as one because since she's using magic, she can't wear heavy armor and I guess her armor is light enough and... read more

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