Big Wars

Alt title: Big Wars: Kami utsu akaki kouya ni

Movie (1 ep x 71 min)
2.78 out of 5 from 385 votes
Rank #16,241

The year is 2416 AD, 40 years into the war between humanity and the mysterious race called The Gods. Seeking to halt mankind's expansion beyond Earth, the Gods are on a campaign of extermination against the Martian colonies. As the sandships of humanity pit their guns against the Gods' forces, the alien Hell carrier is preparing to lead an assault on the Nile Canal. Now, captain Aku Kanki, one of the only ones to have fought Hell and survived, must command a state-of-the-art battleship in a mission to destroy Hell and strike a decisive blow against the God incursion...

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Big Wars does not fail to deliver on the fact that there is a sizable war. The main character, the captain who's name I still don't remember, is a husk of a man with little to no emotions other than a slight smile and occasional shock. The only thing this man seems to care about is the Aoba. I don't even know what else to say about this movie, nothing of particular interest happens and there's really weird scenes that don't get explained. The Gods are the name of this alien race they're fighting against and they're not really talked about in any way other than that we know they're the enemy and the can convert people into their followers.  *The rest of this review contains spoilers, not that you should care because this film is dog water* The captains side squeeze gets converted by The Gods and then tries to convert him. For some reason a symptom of conversion is nymphomania which is excersized in a few uncomfortable scenes. Could really have gone without those prolonged moaning sounds. Later, he has to kill her because she tries to convert him too. Near the end of the film they reach the inside of a ship known as 'Hell', which is seemingly the most poweful ship of the enemy, where they encounter some pink play-doh that makes them hallucinate to try and inhibit their attack. Big surprise, they overcome this and blow up 'Hell' and the captain says "I'll see you in Hell." Very cool. Then the group speed away in an enemy ship that they somehow know how to drive despite it being alien technology and they cheer and the credits roll. 

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