Beyond the Boundary Movie: I'll Be Here - Future

Alt title: Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
4.367 out of 5 from 4,339 votes
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One year after the events of the original series. Mirai has lost her memories, and Akihito separates himself from her in an attempt to protect her from her painful past. Despite the heartache it brings him, Akihito is determined to protect Mirai's happiness as she moves through life as a normal human being - but when dark forces stir, she may be forced back to the front lines in the fight against the youmu, and re-open the wounds of her past.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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I really wanted to enjoy Kyoukai no Kanata Movie - Mirai-hen and though it was ground-breaking in terms of visuals and has really interesting characters, it falls flat in terms of story due to all the plot-holes and unanswered questions that by the end of the movie, I was left disappointed. This review is more of a rant with a lot of plot spoilers so skip to the last paragraph if you haven’t watched the movie yet. The biggest plot hole of all: towards the end of the movie, the main antagonist, Miroku Fujima created a mini-theatre and shows our protagonists who followed his “black goo” to his lair a video clip outlaying all his plans and how exactly he accomplished said plans.  What the hell was this scene supposed to accomplish? Why would a villain on the verge of winning lay out all his plans in such a contrived manner of creating a stage and recording a video just so the heroes have more information on how to defeat said villain? We are also not  told how exactly Mirai came back to life at the end of the original series other than the contrived reason the main character gives about how “the story can’t continue with her dead”. At this point, it feels like they only brought her back to life so they could milk the franchise of a movie. Also, she now has amnesia for whatever reason that we are again not told but I assume it’s to create more drama. The ending also wasn’t satisfying at all. Akihito conveniently uses Mirai’s ring and the power of love to rescue Mirai who has gone berserk. The final fight between Hiromi and Izumi gets concluded in a few minutes with Hiromi overpowering his sister easily despite it being shown in the whole series how much weaker he was than her. Not only that, instead of making any hard decisions like killing her, he just sprouts some crap about how “family should stick together” and she immediately gives up. This by itself hasn’t that bad but then Akihito’s mom conveniently appears and removes the youma from Izumi and everyone infected OFF-SCREEN and everyone lives happily ever after. We see Izumi living her life as per normal in the end credits despite the numerous people she killed through the course of the movie (even if she was being controlled) or the fact that she did something taboo(?)  like fusing her body with that of a youma. A more satisfying ending would be if she had been killed or at least remained in a coma or punished in some way for her actions. All in all, this wasn’t bad enough to drop but it wasn’t good either. It was simply mediocre with the only good parts being the romance between Mirai and Akihito. For anyone thinking of picking this up, you are better of pretending that Mirai died at the end of the original series and the story ended there.  


This movie has the best directing I have ever seen in an anime! I have honestly never caught myself paying such close attention to directing while watching an anime before. Every scene, every camera (drawing?) angle was perfectly executed to increase your emotions. Every single expression Mirai or Akihito showed was so well defined and distinct. As you can tell, I loved this movie! Story: The story begins after the Kako-hen movie and shortly after the anime series. The premise is that Mirai has lost her memory of everything involving Akihito and her work as a Spirit Warrior. While she is naturally drawn to him and wants to know what she has forgotten, Akihito is set on not getting close to her since he is thinks that a normal life is best for her. Meanwhile, a new enemy appears with the power to control shadow beings. The enemy strengths the film’s theme of isolation and severed bonds. It is an emotional ride of sadness, loneliness, and angst. It is touching, moving, and fully satisfying. Characters: Same characters, more emotional. Now I know that Mirai and Akihito got pretty emotional toward each other in the show, but I felt their emotions more strongly during this film. Each expression they made ripped a new piece of my heart out or covered it with a fresh bandage. The supporting characters were also quite emotional, all suffering with them through Mirai’s amnesia. We see Hiroomi struggle with his new position and supposed powerlessness. His goofy side is greatly toned down to his cooler, serious side. The one flaw I saw in the entire movie is that the explanation of Mirai’s ring did not add up and seemed odd to me. The only other draw back I saw was that the shadow creature portion of the film could have been explaned in more detail. It begins on the slow side, without any fighting, but the anime began on the slower side as well. Besides, this film is about the emotions. It is a beautiful film with beautiful animation, beautiful directing, beautiful expressions, and beautiful pacing.  With that said, I definitely recommend this film because I truly found it an exceptional watch. Since have had people comment in the past when I rate differently in my reviews than on my profile. I am giving this 9 out of 10 here but 5 out of 5 on my profile. This is because my initial experience of the film was an emotional high. Here in a review I feel the need to acknowledge the two shortcomings I listed earlier. 

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