Beryl and Sapphire

Alt title: Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan

Web (72 eps)
2018 - 2019
4.08 out of 5 from 92 votes
Rank #1,163
Beryl and Sapphire

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Live from bilibili it's Saturday Night Live You'll laugh, you'll cry, then laugh some more.  Xiao Lu he Xiao Lan is a skit-format show follwing a set of characters in various scenarios, stoylines, short gags, and an occasionaly an episode dedicated to explaining a moral concept.  Many of it's themes are progressive, with lots of emphasis on advancement in humanity. Like a wrapped up package of a little bit of everything. XLHXL is also noted as being in a catagory of donghua that challenges Chinese authority by continuosly testing the limits on how far they can go with something without getting censored. Multiple times has this show had to have director's cut version made to be released in mainland China. So you're basically guarenteed for a good time. The active mood shift from serious to funny gag is rarely exectued well, yet the format of the show has allowed it to have a perfect place to be done, and is done tastfully. Tone shifts like this are really hard to pull off, yet the writers made it look like a piece of cake. If I were to try and tell some high-and-mighty anime critic that a donghua was able to pull this off, all while keeping the other aspects of it's production in equally hugh quality, they'd laugh in my face. Of course, it still has peeps of dongua-typical iffyness and not-so-great voice acting, but it still holds up to to any big name Japanese anime. So in short, this anime FLOORED me. It's the underdog of Chinese donghua. Before we know it, donghua may activly surpass Japanese animation. Get in the game now, and start your rabbit hole into donghua with Xiao Lu he Xiao Lan.

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