Belle and Sebastian

Alt title: Meiken Jolie

TV (52 eps)
1981 - 1982
3.098 out of 5 from 293 votes
Rank #13,687

In the French countryside, a large white dog roams from place to place, helping townspeople where she goes; but the ungrateful people think she is a menace and a threat, and seek to capture and kill her. Meanwhile, in a town near the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France from Spain, a young boy named Sebastian lives a life of loneliness. Left behind by his gypsy mother when he was just a baby, Sebastian has been raised since birth by an old man and a young woman; but even though he is surrounded by a loving family, Sebastian is picked on by the other children and longs to know his real parents. When the white dog arrives in Sebastian’s town, her and the boy happen upon each other and become fast friends. Sebastian names his newfound companion Belle and does his best to keep her safe, but ultimately the two must flee their home. With mountains and adventures ahead of them, Sebastian and Belle set forth to escape danger and find Sebastian’s mother.

An adaptation of Belle et Sebastien by Cecile Aubry

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Sebastian is searching for a mother who'd promised to return to pick him up one day. He doesn't know what she looks like, but has left anyway... Why would he leave home so soon, before she could get back to him? The answer, or fault, to that would be a "White Monster" which Sebastian befriended  - this monster, Belle, is really just a sweet and highly intelligent Pyrenees dog. Honestly this dog alone is more cunning, heroic, and useful than the entire cast and Sebastian would have died 100 times if she hadn't been around to save him. Plotwise we have a sweet story of a young boy trecking cross country and hitchhiking his way from France to Spain where he thinks his mother will be. His expedition began when Belle needed to flee from French police trying to kill her, and Sebastian couldn't be separated from her. (In his village he is bullied for being an orphan and this was his first true friend afterall.) These two will be pursued by the French police as well as internationally on their journey. Many people want to catch the White Monster to be rewarded with fame, promotions, or money from selling such a smart dog. No matter how sweet Belle is everyone always misjudges her big size and low barks to be threatening and violent - leading up into the themes of this series. Beyond the common messages of good, loyal friendship we see the repeated concept of "judging a book by its cover." A huge slobbering dog might not be a killer varmint, the same way a tall bearded man with beady eyes in the woods might not be a kidnapper... Since this is a kids show these ideas are blatently thrust at you and don't require any insightful thinking. Overall, here is a series with as many thrilling action scenes as heartwarming ones.  This show features many people who show compassion and care for strangers in need... We're losing a lot of that kind of humanity these days, so it's nostalgic to watch in this sense. It also takes you aback to an older time where you can hop onto train cars and skip school without the government hounding your booty. It's lovely, just a bit long. STORY 5/10 Semi repetitive, slow for some. Also it's unbelievable that so much drama would be created across multiple countries by a 9 year-old and a dog lol ANIMATION 5/10 Simple but suiting to a child's series, it's chill content doesn't need high-definition visuals anyhow SOUND 5/10 I wasn't able to find the original anywhere so was forced to endure a mediocre English dub ;-;  CHARACTERS 4/10 Flat at best with Scooby-Doo level villains. Also Poochie (a tiny dog accompanying Sebastian) is annoying as heck


Esta serie se basa en las aventuras de un niño llamado Sebastián, que vivía en la zona montañosa de Los Pirineos (región fronteriza entre España y Francia). Sebastián no tenía amigos, pues los otros niños lo molestaban porque su madre no vivía con él; sólo tenía una pequeña mascota, un perrito llamado Poochie. Cierto día, Sebastián se topa con un enorme Perro de montaña de los Pirineos, perseguido por las autoridades, que era acusado injustamente por haber cometido crímenes. La gente del lugar le tenía miedo y lo llamaban «El Demonio blanco». Sebastián lo protege y le da cobijo y alimento; y decide llamarlo Belle. Tiempo más tarde, Sebastián, Belle y Poochie se aventuran en la búsqueda de su madre por diversas regiones de Europa. En dicho viaje, conocen a muchos amigos y enemigos. Personajes Belle - Es un enorme perro blanco y valiente, pero la gente le teme creyendo que es "El demonio Blanco". Sólo al final de la serie todos comprenden que Belle no es peligroso. Sebastián - Es un niño ingenuo y generoso. Se vuelve el inseparable amigo de Belle y juntos van a la búsqueda de su madre, que desapareció desde hacía muchos años. Poochie - Es un pequeño cachorro amarillo y es el primer amigo de Sebastián. Lena - Es una muchachita bonita y simpática. Hija de un hombre muy rico, se volverá la amiga del corazón de Sebastián. Mendoza - Es un ladrón muy astuto, siempre va en pareja con Muñoz. Al final de la historia se mostrará de carácter generoso y gentil. Muñoz - Es el otro ladrón, siempre va en compañía de Mendoza. Es más bien estúpido y por su culpa, a él y a su compañero las cosas le salen siempre mal. Inspector García - Es el inspector de la policía, busca capturar a Belle. Martín - Es el ayudante del inspector García. Otros personajes Abuelo César - Abuelo de Sebastián. Angelina - Es una muchacha que se vuelve una especie de tía adoptiva de Sebastián. Doctor Guion - Es el doctor, amigo de Sebastián. Al final de la historia se enamorará de Angelina. Gabriel - El niño más simpático y divertido entre los amigos de Sebastián. Abuelo Cortés - Es un anciano muy sabio y bastante simpático. Juan - Amigo y ayudante del abuelo Cortés. Jehan - Es un cazador, amigo de Sebastián y Angelina. Alberto Doctor Carlos Victorin Párroco Sr. Albert - El padre hereditario de Lena. Isabel - Es la madre verdadera de Sebastián, de raza gitana y nómada. Ella violó una ley de su pueblo por haberse casado con un no gitano, pero tiempo más tarde él murió. Tuvo a Sebastián en un pueblo de los Pirineos, encargándoselo al abuelo César para que lo educase, prometiendo volver ahí cuando los gitanos la entendieran. Informacion gracias a "Wikipedia".

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