Alt title: Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime

Movie (1 ep x 121 min)
4.169 out of 5 from 396 votes
Rank #375

Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student who lost her mother at an early age due to an accident, and is now living in an unpopulated rural town with her father. Suzu learns about "U," a virtual world. She joins "U" as an avatar named Belle, whose singing attracts worldwide attention. Belle meets a mysterious creature who is shaped like a dragon.

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For anyone that liked BELLE, that's great I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Okay onto my thoughts.... Did you watch those barbie movies as a kid? You know, Princess and the Pauper... Magic of Pegasus... I know you know.. Do you have the courage it takes to subject yourself to the anime version? There's your answer if you're trying to figure out if you want to watch this. The main girl has a nice voice but doesn't have the confidence to use it unless she's in a virtual reality "game"(?) called U. So when she gets on there she immediately starts singing and becomes an overnight superstar. Next, a player with a dragon avatar crashes her concert which is such a hot move so the young girl decides to investigate and quickly falls in love with him. You know this because they say I love you several times despite not knowing anything about each other. But worry not, they've done everything healthy couples do.  Yelled sweet nothings back and forth such as "GO AWAY" "DON'T LOOK AT ME" and "WHO ARE YOU?" (no joke, that's 99% of the little they said to each other) Danced in a ballroom and stared longingly into eachother's eyes while the girl sings to him about how much the guy has repeatedly told her to get the hell away from him Sing "I love you forever" on top of a jellyfish whale over a sobbing crowd SPOILER: Drove across the country to save the other because police outright refused to do a child welfare check (the group figured out where the player lives CSI eNLARge tHe PIXELS style, doesn't every high schooler know how to do this?) And most importantly, they've known of each other's existence for idk two or three weeks, doesn't feel like long at all. The seasons didn't change, am I wrong? So when they finally meet at the end and say I love you face to face, sorry to say it feels nothing short of ridiculous.  And nobody in the game seems to be doing anything in particular in there besides flying around yet it's somehow the greatest thing since sliced bread because everybody is on it, even grandmas. It's annoying how seriously everyone takes U, and the movie expects you to do the same. Threats to unviel the player's true appearance in the game are supposed to be emotionally charged but to me they play out more like the kind of drama kids make up on a playground playing cops and robbers. Sorry but the songs weren't that great. As for the animation, it was typical anime-movie quality (bland but decent) but switched to a weird CGI hybrid in the game-realm. I watched this because of the dragon player's seiyuu (Mamoru Miyano 🤗) but if I'd seen a CGI tag I never would've touched it. There was not much to redeem it except a short funny scene about a few side characters nervously crushing on each other like normal teens instead of playing let's-have-a-spring-wedding-in-a-fairy-tale-what's-your-name-again. So to summarize, to me, this is a kid's movie. Maybe you're in the mood for that but it's just not my taste at all.

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