Beet the Vandel Buster

Alt title: Bouken Ou Beet

TV (52 eps)
2004 - 2005
Fall 2004
3.379 out of 5 from 1,793 votes
Rank #9,024

In the present, mankind lives in an era named the Dark Century, a time filled with fear due to the actions of the Vandels. These domineering tormentors rule with an iron fist, bringing death and despair to mankind. But in the midst of the terror, there is one thing the Vandels fear: the Vandel Busters. Enter Beet, a young boy whose only dream is to grow up to be the greatest Buster of them all. Join our hero as he journeys to join the Zenon Warriors and destroy the Vandels. With the help of friends and a little luck, Beet might be able to put a stop to the Dark Century, once and for all!

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Story:  The story of Beet the Vandel Buster is set in the "Dark Ages," a time when evil monsters, called Vandels threaten the land.  The only ones who can stop the Vandels are brave warriors called Vandel Busters, who fight with their Tengeki, magic-like powers.  Beet has always dreamed of becoming a Vandel Buster, and with a powerful Vandel attacking his hometown, now may be a chance for him to prove himself! Much of Beet the Vandel Buster is a Monster of The Week type of story, though there are a few major villains who need to be taken care of.  The thing that sets the story apart from many other series is the RPG flavor added to it.  Busters' strength is measured by levels, which they gain from killing enemies, just like any JRPG ever created.  I'm not too fond of how that turned out.  I have always liked RPGs, but it seemed bizarre hearing characters actually talk about acquiring experience points and levels.  Animation: The animation for Beet the Vandel Buster was not overly impressive, but it served its purpose.  The colors were bright and vibrant, adding to the video game feeling of the series.  That being said, the graphics look a bit cheesy at times. I've heard a few people say the fights are "like Dragonball Z, but with weapons."  Both series share the hard-hitting, environment-shattering battles, but DBZ and other series do it much better than Beet.    Sound: The music was enjoyable for the most part, especially during battle scenes.  It left something to be desired in more "everyday" scenes, but it was passable. The voice acting was good (Not Great) for a lot of characters, though I really didn't like Beet's voice very much.  It didn't match his character, though it was fine once I got used to it.  Characters: The main characters were rather standard of any shonen series, but they didn't have much of any depth to them.  Beet is a boy looking to save the world to get revenge for the death of his brother.  He assembles his team (The Beet Warriors), none of whom are very amazing, and they go fight evil.  The backstories of all the characters are basic, if even present, and none of them were all that likeable. The Vandels are actually the characters I enjoyed most, because of their sense of mystery.  Shakki is actually one of my favorite characters from any anime, though he doesn't have a huge role, and you hardly find out anything about him. Final Thoughts: This Anime Is... Average, in basically every way.  It does nothing extraordinary, but doesn't blunder too badly. Should I Watch This Anime? Probably Not.  At 52 episodes, it's a pretty large time-sink, and you aren't even rewarded with a proper ending.  Only hardcore Shonen fans would want to put any time into this, and even then, there are many better options than Beet the Vandel Buster.

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