Because I Don't Like My Big Brother at All!

Alt title: Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!

TV (12 eps)
3.064 out of 5 from 4,874 votes
Rank #14,109
Because I Don't Like My Big Brother at All!

The story centers around the "slightly dangerous relationship" between Shuusuke, a boy who likes risque books and DVDs, and Nao, Shuusuke's younger sister.

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Now if you've been in the anime universe for at least 2 seconds you might have come across terms such as "incest" or/and "gag manga/anime"......If not worry not my knight in slimy armor cause your mate Dion is here to give you some guidance through this vast toxic, cancerous wasteland where the only living organisms for MILES are semen and broken dreams. Gag manga/anime are a type of entertainment that exists in area 51 and is an experiment to see how people will react when introduced to funny situations. Some instances might be.......Don't know...Maybe the MC is in an orgy and someone farts or asks for permission to vomit after drinking a ton shit of Jagermeister or something like that..I bring these hideous-to the normal person that is-examples cause this gag anime is kinda incest, kinda celebration of fetishes and kinda 2 girls 1 cup.. Now, i enjoy as much as the next person a good laugh followed by booze, drugs and loose girls as long as the next person is Charlie Sheen..But if the story of the previous night is "i married the stripper" and not "i passed out bathing in my own vomit" then i'm sorry it doesn't cut it for me. This anime is that kinda situation where the bait is incest to grab your attention, the main course is fetishes and the desert is a group of horny teens fapping to mags..That's a Slice of Life not a gag anime..Also that's the whole story of this anime outta the way...It doesn't have a story..It's just some shit thrown together just for laughs....And by laughs i mean laughing at babies dying from a fire at the maternity section. To be honest i'm that kind of guy..I laugh my ass off when people die from diseases and rivers of molten lava going through their bedroom or something..But not once did i laugh with this anime. One fucking joke and it's used more than a whore's cunt. From beginning to end one continuous joke....And after a while it stops being a joke and turns into punishment from the heavens. This also being a gag anime has shit animation..And if i got some gags out of it then i would be fine..But getting fucked in the ass while being also subjected to electrocution....NOT FUCKING FUNNY! It's like someone at some chinese lab thought "oh bugger off with these bio weapons and shit, i want some real action....I want to see people suffer, i want people to stare into the abyss and the abyss rapes them with a machine gun". As for the characters...You know...The classic line up of fucked in the head brother wanting to stick his sausage to his notrelatedbyblood sister, sister wanting the notrelatedbyblood brother's dick and a whole lot of other hotties wanting in on the action..Again....If you're into watching something to switch off your brain for a while? HELL YEAH but where are the laughs? Where is the extreme factor i'm looking for..You are shit anyways just make it so i have a reason to watch this..Take a look at School Days..An anime for perverts but also seral killers..It had this X factor i'm looking for..Outrageous fun with equal amounts of disgust and self hatred.........THAT'S MY KIND OF ANIME! This has none of that...It fails miserably even by its' own standards..If you're looking for an excuse to shove in your mouth a gun and blow your brains on the wall? Please be my guest cause the traffic is a bitch these days..But if you're not then don't suggest yourself into this torture.

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