Beast Tamer

Alt title: Yuusha Party wo Tsuihousareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2022
3.698 out of 5 from 5,046 votes
Rank #3,268

Follows beast tamer Rein, who is banished from the hero's party, because he can only use animals. He becomes an adventurer and meets a cat girl, who is part of the strongest species.

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Generic harem of powerful beast girls (spirit kin) in settings of getting kicked out from hero party in fantasy world with RPG elements. It’s the type where protagonist is perceived as useless by other party members, but in practice he does a lot for them and is very skilled at whatever his job is. It was at this moment the other party members realize they f… up. It follows one of the variants typical for the settings. In this case hero party members are douchebags including the hero himself, but the main protagonist is overly nice and doesn’t even want revenge. Thanks to leaving party he becomes even more powerful. It’s the safe harem kind, but it does include mandatory fanservice bath scene. There is no way for main character to have an actual man-woman relationship with the girls. Even if they like him. On the positive side it generally has a quite relaxing atmosphere. It can be cute and it has some comical and slice-of-life adventure moments. Saying that, it does have assortment of one-dimensional bad guys. It includes some violence such characters tend to do. It was overall surprisingly more pleasurable to watch, than usual for such type of the show. I would consider it to be bit more enjoyable, than similar RPG fantasy adventure series in the previous season. Visually the series looks nice. It has pretty decent animation. Soundtrack and VA is good. I’ve read bit of manga before so it wasn’t my priority series. Surprisingly it’s like ninety percent word for word same as the manga. I binged it for sake of review initially, but it wasn’t that boring as I expected. I did turn off subtitles to make things more interesting for me. If you are looking for straightforward and easy to digest show, yes, this is pretty much it. If you are veteran anime fan looking for new thrills this is hard pass. If you want to watch only few best series in the season pass this one as well.


3S Review no. 68 (short, simple and salty/sweet/spicy) So, another show with a beast tamer, seems to be the latest trend, even though in this one same with the others before it, being a beast tamer is not really utilized in fights as it should, at least sporadically the protagonist does use some birds and some insects to his advantage, so that is something i guess. So, story, it is one of the same, one of the exact same. Our protagonist was kicked from the hero party cause he was useless, never mind the fact that he is completely broken and he is capable of even taming “ultimate species”. In a really unpredictable turn of events, we are 7 episodes in, and he has already met and tamed three (3+1 to be precise, one came with a bonus twin sister) of them, three very rare species supposedly, each one he tames makes him really strong, and he has become busted since the first one he tamed. Now, what are those ultimate species I mentioned, you would think some kind of giant dragon, a gryphon, a chimera, well… cute girls. Yup, cute girls, who could have seen that coming. You see conveniently enough, a cat girl, happens to be a very rare and strong specimen akin to a deity, how convenient. Also, did I mention that all the girls he “tames” have the hots for him? Or that the hero’s party are complete cunts? The originality lights brightly in this one, some never before seen stuff right here. There is one good thing about the show, well, actually it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning, but these are the times we live in, that I have to pinpoint it as a positive thing about the show. This is not an isekai. It has absolutely no reason to be one, but most of the isekais don’t have one either, but they do it anyway, this one, didn’t, and I guess that’s… commendable? Anyway, the story is one of the same unoriginal, boring, uneventful crap, nothing worth mentioning. Characters are like the majority of the modern shows, nothing but a joke. The cute kind protagonist that wants to help everyone and protect his friends and the cute girls that have the hots for him and want to protect him in return. They are all uninteresting, monotonous and shallow, at the very least they are not annoying, someone might find them likeable or cute. Animation is mediocre, basic and uninspiring. It is bearable though and there is no excessive use of cgi, so that is something I guess. Sound is mediocre as well, for better or worse nothing stands out. Voice acting is alright. So, is it worth a watch? No, it is just one of the same sellable, easily digestible unoriginal crap. Nothing worth noting about it, at the very least it is not annoying or insulting so if you watch stuff on your seconmd monitor while you do other stuff, it will suffice, but there is no way that I can recommend it as an actual good show. End of season update: Well, we found another ultimate specie, and what do you know, it's another cute girl. In a spectacular turn of events, we also got a house, living the american dream, it also came along with a ghost maid with big boobs, and we also got a completely out of place glimpse of the hero's party being cunts, you know because... well just in case that we forgot that they were cunts. This show is so unintersting that not even the bane of my existence, sunk cost fallacy, can make me watch a second season, if that comes to be, and that means a lot coming from me.

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