Beast Fighter: The Apocalypse

Alt title: Majuu Sensen: The Apocalypse

TV (13 eps)
1.834 out of 5 from 128 votes
Rank #9,372

Shinichi Kuruma is an experiment gone awry. With the ability to summon a lion and bear from his body and superhuman strength, he is one of many 'New Humans' created by Shinichi's own father, Genzou Kuruma, who wants to control the fate of those who will inherit the Earth. Alongside a girl named Ayaka who was injected with Shinichi's special blood, Shinichi must stay out of the reach of the other New Humans and scientists who wish to use his lifeforce to revive God; but most importantly, he must find a way to exact his revenge on his father.

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Thrawn Jun 19, 2013
Score 1.5/10

Story: Science all up in this bitch, which is kinda... what do you call it? Fucked up or complete opposites, a total ball puncher, what? Whatever, I'll get to it. First, science. Against the Theory of Conceptual Awesome or TOCA, which dictates that a badass/awesome concept is instantly awesome and warrants awesome points no matter how shitty it is overall and for everything else. Apocalypse Zero and Geist are... read more

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Majuu Sensen
  • OVA (3 eps)
  • 1990

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  • Vol: 2; Ch: 27
  • 1975 - 1976

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