Battle Girl High School

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Battle Girl High School

Set in 2045, humanity struggles to survive in a world overrun by mysterious invaders called the Irousu. The Earth's only hope lies with the students of Shinjugamine Girls' Academy, a school where Star Guardians train to fight the Irousu. Together, these brave girls work to develop their skills to fight against the invaders… provided they can pass class first!

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We Can Do It! image

Episode 1

We Can Do It!

Is That What Gets You? image

Episode 2

Is That What Gets You?

Resort! Retreat! Escape! image

Episode 3

Resort! Retreat! Escape!

Songs with Emotion image

Episode 4

Songs with Emotion

The Meaning of the Iris image

Episode 5

The Meaning of the Iris

Renge is Kurumi and Kurumi is Renge image

Episode 6

Renge is Kurumi and Kurumi is Renge

Protective Power image

Episode 7

Protective Power

Hoshimori Downtime image

Episode 8

Hoshimori Downtime

Holy Tree Festival image

Episode 9

Holy Tree Festival

Family image

Episode 10


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Etue's avatar
Etue Sep 19, 2017
Score 5.5/10

Battle Girl High School is based on a mobile game wherein once again you collect cards of the 'cute'girls  and do battle with them. The cast is expansive, very much so for a series with only a limited episode count. The story takes part after some canon events in the game this is based on, because of this character introductions are rather unnatural and due to the episode count it feels very much... read more



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