Battle Athletes Victory

TV (26 eps)
1997 - 1998
3.526 out of 5 from 810 votes
Rank #3,076

The year is 4998. Girls from all over the galaxy come together to train for the title of Cosmo Beauty in a bevy of athletic events. Akari, our heroine, wants to go to University Satellite where her mother once went and won the title. That is, if her bad luck will give her a chance! Add into the mix a cutthroat competition between star athletes and complicated midterms, and you have some rough competition revolving around bizarre plots and insane hijinks! Oh, and did we mention the field events? Bring your hard hats everyone, as the galaxy will never be the same!

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Aug 9, 2009
Score 7/10

As the chubby kid in school, I have an allergy to all sports and sports related entertainment, and so I go into Battle Athletes Victory with a little trepidation. Instead of dread and terror, what it delivers is a tireless blend of comedy, character development and a strangely compelling storyline that far exceeded my expectations in a genre I tend... read more

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Najaraja Oct 12, 2009
Score 9/10

In the year 4998 the biggest sporting event is the competition for the title of “Cosmo Beauty” and girls from around the world brutally compete for the chance to represent their respective training academies on the University Satellite. Clumsy and slightly clueless 16-year-old Akari Kannzaki would love nothing more than to hide away from the world. Unfortunately for Akari, she is the daughter... read more

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