BASToF Syndrome

Alt title: Genei Toushi Bastof Lemon

TV (26 eps)
3.365 out of 5 from 25 votes
Rank #9,355
BASToF Syndrome

The year is 2097. In the city of Xenon the ulimate cyber game has been created. Players battle and fight against the game as bio-mechanical robots. Then something goes wrong. Somehow, the game's virtual space and the real world become linked. Damages that occur during the battles in the virtual space create havoc in the city. All this begins when the players hear a piercing scream, see the ghostly face of a little girl and a powerful scent of lemon overcomes them. To solve this mystery, the creator of the game assembles a "Dream Team" of the top three young gamers in Xenon's Hall of Fame. This active team of rebellious, arrogant teens must overcome their attitudes and fears to find the answers to the mystery that is much bigger than the game.

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