Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy

Alt title: Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin

Web (13 eps x 24 min)
3.295 out of 5 from 1,736 votes
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The Four Lords of Havoc have one terrible goal – to awaken the god Anthrasax and recreate the world. To stop them, Yoko, a maiden of Metallicana, awakens the ancient wizard Dark Schneider from within a 14-year old boy by bestowing upon him her virgin kiss. The only problem now is that the most chaotic, lecherous wizard in history resides inside the body of an innocent child. Even worse, he’s determined that neither hydras nor minotaurs should stand between him and his dream to conquer everyone and take the women for himself… all of which is less than convenient when trying to save the world!

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What's fascinating to me about this is that such an old somewhat forgotten manga Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy was remade and by Netflix of all things. That's what got me to watch this series. Plus it follows the premise and tones of the manga (At least the first half) which what shocked me as well. If you read the manga or watched the 1992 OVA series, that's basically what you'll get with the 2022 series with an updated character designs. While poorly written fantasies with ecchi fanservice will always have its market, I'm surprised Netflix funded it and left it unchanged especially with the protagonists living up to the anime's title, how the women are treated as well as his "peculier" relationship with one of the girls. But I'm not complaining. I kind of love its stupidity and I'm glad that Bastard can have the spotlight, remain unchanged and true to its source material. It remains obnoxiously edgy, dumb and fun. While I personally prefer the 90s OVAs (especially the Dub) for its high comical energy compared to the new one. The new one is better paced and easier to follow compared to the OVAs and the Manga. I also love that VA Takehito Koyasu (the voice of Dio Brando) is voicing a maniac muscular vampire once again and it's glorious though I still enjoy VA Kevin Seymour's performance in the OVAs more. Though the slight difference the 2022 series has from the manga is that the protagonist might reincarnate into the modern era, probably the premise for part 2. It makes me wonder where the series will go regardless of the fact of the manga was cancelled without a proper conclusion. If you want something entertaining and idiotic to watch this could be for you. Don't watch it with family or anybody who gets easily offended.

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