Bannou Yasai Ninninman

Movie (1 ep x 25 min)
2.867 out of 5 from 417 votes
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Young Mari hates eating vegetables and drinking milk so much that she has nightmares about being force-fed the items. One day at school, the young girl chokes down her milk and vegetables and promptly faints from the shock. When she wakes up in the nurse’s office, she comes face to face with Ninninman, Piman and Milk, three food sprites that only appear when Mari drinks her milk and eats her carrots and peppers. Though Mari is less than enthusiastic about being haunted by her most hated foodstuffs, can the three spirits help her realize the importance of friendship, and maybe even teach her to finish her meals?

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A little girl dislikes veggies [specifically carrots and green peppers] and milk to such a degree that she's plagued with a recurring nightmare about being forced to consume them. What could be worse for a child then being told to "eat those vegetables?" - not much. What could be better than spirits popping up to help a child in their time of need? - not much else. Mari’s a grade-schooler who finds herself served her least favorite foods and beverage at lunch one day. Not wanting to get in trouble for not finishing her meal she stuffs it down her throat to the best of her ability. Food-coma takes her and she awakens to find spirits resembling the food currently being digested that only she can see. The three spirits have much to say to Mari. -x-x-x- This anime does a fantastic job of taking a simple concept {getting kids to eat vegetables/drink milk } and turning into overcoming fears and putting aside individual comfort for the sake of a friend. Of course a cute puppy and fairy-like creatures help get the message across to the intended audience as well ;) Look no further than this family friendly anime if you’re looking for something on the short-side to sit and watch with a child. “You have the courage to rise when you fall” The ending song provides inspiration lyrics that go well with the story and you’ll probably replay it a few times, if not more. -x--x- While this works as a 25 minute stand-alone anime it could have been a long-running series. Many more stories about Mari, Momo and Me would surely delight people of all ages.

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