BanG Dream! 2nd Season

TV (13 eps)
3.786 out of 5 from 278 votes
Rank #2,177

Kasumi and the rest of Poppin'Party may have achieved their goal, but it turns out they were just at the starting line! Performing is a lot of work, and they're not the only band in town! Do they have what it takes to reach true musical stardom?

Source: HiDive

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Happy Party! image

Episode 1

Happy Party!

Black Shout image

Episode 2

Black Shout

Sing Girls image

Episode 3

Sing Girls

Magnificent! Dynamic!! A Carefree World! image

Episode 4

Magnificent! Dynamic!! A Carefree World!

Rainy Ring-Dong-Dance image

Episode 5

Rainy Ring-Dong-Dance

You Only Live Once image

Episode 6

You Only Live Once

I Won't Cry, I Won't Cry image

Episode 7

I Won't Cry, I Won't Cry

You're Not Alone image

Episode 8

You're Not Alone

School Festival Symphony image

Episode 9

School Festival Symphony

R-I-O-T image

Episode 10


Star Tears image

Episode 11

Star Tears

Returns image

Episode 12


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