Cute anime with no plot to relax while watching <3by Chiifox

just some anime with cute characters, maybe some comedy, and typical slife-of-life format. don't expect any character development or storyline :) will always be a wip because I'll keep finding more to put in here!

why I dropped youby Stela

every anime I dropped, with episode count

Anime Recommendations for Kids (all ages, 6+, 10+)by CatSoul

These are anime recommendations for all ages, slightly older kids, and preteens. By the time a kid's thirteen, you should really just let them explore anime on their own and find their comfort zone/what they like. I highly...

Iyashikei Animeby AnnaSartin

Iyashikei is a uniquely Japanese sub-genre of anime that is designed to have a “healing” effect on viewers. The mellow atmosphere is usually accompanied by a soothing soundtrack and often contains rural landscapes and...

CATS!! CATS!! CATS!!by chii

These are shows that have cats as a main theme or cats show up very frequently in these anime.

Twenty-first Century Anime With Mild (Or No) Violence And Very Little (Or No) AnnaSartin

Modern anime for fans who are looking more from their anime than sexual objectification of the characters and bloody fight scenes. Low on violence and fan service.