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Alt title: Bakuman.: Otter No. 11

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May 21, 2019

Two high school girls find themselves on the wrong street at the wrong time being victimized by a brute.

Who should come along but Otter 11.

It's his time to shine as he socks it to the jerk vocally and physically.


This wasn't that much of a Bakuman special as it features a character from a manga neither Mashiro or Takagi worked on - it came from the mind of Hiramaru.

If you’re looking for a special about one of their manga’s stick to the tv series and the Bakuman manga.

But it does work as a test special for more that could {may?} be in the future.

This would have worked better if it was compiled with other manga creator stories {Eiji’s “Crow”, Ryu’s “True Human”, Shun’s “Rabuta & Peace" etc. } If this was the impetus behind putting together this 4 minute anime then fans can only hope more are forthcoming.

While it had some entertainment value - anthropomorphized otter in a business suite who protects high schoolers - it leaves viewers wanting more and getting to see every chapter Hiramuru created. What happens to this character after the four minutes are over?

Where was he headed on this morning that had him encountering these teens he’s never passed before?

What’s his origin story?

If otter-humans are a thing in this manga world why were the humans surprised by his appearance?

Side note:

If this is a stand alone otter story it brings unsatisfying feelings for those who like this reviewer read the manga and kept waiting for more about the various mangaka’s manga.

?/10 story
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3/10 overall
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