TV (25 eps)
2010 - 2011
Fall 2010
4.342 out of 5 from 17,036 votes
Rank #352

Moritaka Mashiro feels as if life is passing him by; with no dreams or motivation, he trudges through day-to-day life. One day, after leaving his notebook behind, he returns to school and finds the smartest guy in class, Takagi, waiting for him. Takagi is happy to return the book, but on the condition that Mashiro agrees to become a mangaka with him. Though Mashiro initially declines, he soon reconsiders when he discovers that the girl he likes, Azuki, dreams of becoming a voice actress. And after promising that she can have the lead role if their manga is ever adapted into an anime, he suggests that they get married once they are both successful! Shockingly, she agrees to the proposal and Mashiro and Takagi embark on their quest to become manga artists.

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(Sub) Dreams and Reality image

Episode 1

(Sub) Dreams and Reality

(Sub) Dumb and Smart image

Episode 2

(Sub) Dumb and Smart

(Sub) Parent and Child image

Episode 3

(Sub) Parent and Child

(Sub) Time and Key image

Episode 4

(Sub) Time and Key

(Sub) Summer and Storyboard image

Episode 5

(Sub) Summer and Storyboard

(Sub) Carrot and Stick image

Episode 6

(Sub) Carrot and Stick

(Sub) Tears and Tears image

Episode 7

(Sub) Tears and Tears

(Sub) Fear and Hope image

Episode 8

(Sub) Fear and Hope

(Sub) Regret and Satisfaction image

Episode 9

(Sub) Regret and Satisfaction

(Sub) 10 and 2 image

Episode 10

(Sub) 10 and 2

(Sub) Chocolate and NEXT image

Episode 11

(Sub) Chocolate and NEXT

(Sub) Feast and Graduation image

Episode 12

(Sub) Feast and Graduation

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar
cassiesheepgirl Aug 25, 2011
Score 8/10

Weekly Shounen Jump is probably the most well-known manga magazine to Westerners. It has spawned many of our favourite shounen series from Dragonball and Naruto to Slam Dunk and ... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Apr 4, 2012
Score 5.5/10

NOTICE: This review covers all seasons of the show.

Bakuman is a fairy tale about two high schoolers, as they try to become famous mangaka. And I say “fairy tale” and not “story” because it is very ideal and easy-going. The problems these guys face are detached from reality; not that different from the boys reading fighting shonen full of juvenile ideals. I mean, how does this... read more

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