Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature

Alt title: Daishizen no Majuu Bagi

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
2.933 out of 5 from 370 votes
Rank #5,579

Ryosuke is determined; he will find Bagi, and he will kill her. He has been searching for her for five years, but has known her much longer than that. Ryosuke had been a lonely child, as his parents were away working most of the time. He was given a kitten that he took quickly to, despite the fact that she didn’t look or act quite 'normal'. He named her Bagi, and they lived as best friends… until everyone around started to notice how different she really was and so she was discarded. Now, over a decade later, word has spread that Bagi has been terrorizing villages deep in the South American jungles and leaving many dead. With the help of a young village boy, Ryosuke sets out to stop her, but will he really have the heart to take her life?

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