Bagel Girl

Alt title: Eoneunal Jameseo Kkaeeoboni Bagel-nyeoga Doeeoisseotda

Web (15 eps x 15 min)
3.329 out of 5 from 265 votes
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Bagel Girl

Bong Gi used to have dreams of making something of his life. But now all that seems like a distant memory. He has become fat, lazy and unemployed. In the real world, people are grossed out by him. He has never had a girlfriend and he spends his late nights fantasizing about women. His own life appalls him, but he has one escape, his online life. Gaming has become his everything. After another long, lonely night of gaming, he wakes up, and is shocked to find that he has transformed into a woman. Confused, He encounters a young woman named Sae Mi, who offers him advice. He soon falls for her charms but things get even more bizarre when he attempts to take revenge on Sang Woo, a school bully who turns out to be Sae Mi’s older brother!

Source: Rakuten Viki

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When you look at this anime and see gender bender and ecchie you think,ok so it’s just another stupid cliche and very random ecchi anime, I will tell you right now this is NOT the case... so yes there is a fat otaku which suddenly wakes up as a busty hot girl, which seems very cliche for any supernatural gender bender (if that’s a thing) but what makes me like this is because of the actual story (which for a lot of ecchie anime isn’t a thing) kind of comes out of nowhere around episode 6 before this episode the otaku is trying to figure out how to be a girl with a friend, I don’t want to say what happens after episode 6 as this review to encourage people to watch it would be pointless let’s just say some bad things happen or well a lot of things happen. Sorry but if you wanted to watch this for the bagels.......               there are no bagels  the only problem with the anime’s quality would be the sound or the voice actors to be more precise, I feel like sometimes when they talk it sounds like their in the room next door from the recording setup, the animation is very very good with some amazing characters especially the mc for people who like quick background checks like me you should like it but if you want a diary about the character you ain’t  getting it . I very much liked this anime I think it is severally underrated(maybe because no one goes around talking about watching gender benders) I may have given this a 10 because of how surprised I was and how well it was played out at the end but to me it is deserved. All I’m saying is if you quit after the episode 1 maybe wait 6 more episode it may change your mind.

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