Baccano! Specials

DVD Special (3 eps x 28 min)
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With the frenzy of the incident on board the Flying Pussyfoot finally dying down, the President is still trying to piece together exactly what happened that night. Calling various informants and witnesses into his office, he hopes a few familiar faces can shed some light on the strange events. Elsewhere in the city, Graham Spector has a grudge to settle with Jacuzzi and his group, however it seems things won’t be as easy as he first thought. Despite all of the crazy happenings, Isaac and Miria are still as footloose as ever and their latest venture is a giant domino rally. Will the president ever get the answers to his questions, can Jacuzzi survive the night, and most importantly, who gets to topple the first domino?

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mahius Jul 21, 2015
Score 10/10

The Baccano Specials are 3 episodes of what is essentially a sequel or wrap-up to the main 13 episode anime. I will do it justice and judge it as the extension to the main series which it is. In effect I’m reviewing both together, while taking a few shortcuts. It's like icing, by itself it's not that great, but on a cake, it makes the cake taste better. Thus, it cannot stand on its own as something to... read more

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Rbastid Jan 3, 2015
Score 6/10

When the Train ride ends, the story just begins for a few of our characters. Unfortunately they've added a new guy to the mix, and he's the reason we can't have nice things. Story - 6/10 This three episode OVA seems as if it was supposed to be the continuation of the show, but somewhere along the line they just decided that those first thirteen episodes were as close to perfection as they could... read more

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