Baby Steps

TV (25 eps)
4.247 out of 5 from 3,855 votes
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Baby Steps

The story follows "Ei-chan," a punctual and earnest boy who has strived for straight As since elementary school. The 15-year-old high school boy stops by a tennis school to deal with his lack of exercise. There, he meets Natsu, a beautiful, earnest girl who only has passion for tennis. In turn, he awakens a deep passion for tennis within himself.

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Panma Aug 3, 2018
Score 6/10

First and foremost, I was turned onto this series due to the YouTuber Mother's Basement where he mentions this as one of his top romance picks. Well, I'm here to tell him he's completely wrong. The romance in this series is basically non-existent. So, if you're thinking of this series for the same reason - don't. Just don't. So, now that we've pretty firmly established this is not a romance series, how is it... read more

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Morrow1994 Jul 16, 2018
Score 6.5/10

This anime is decent yet somehow obnoxious simultaneously.  They realisticly could have condensed episodes and cut the entire series down at least 15 episodes. They drag the episodes on and on and on, forcing the viewer to binge watch to be able to understand what happens, which while might be a somewhat genius ploy at first to keep people interested, gets boring and downright irritating as it happens... read more

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