Ba La La Xiao Mo Xian Zhi: Feiyue Cai Ling Bao

Alt title: Balala the Fairies: Over the Rainbow

TV (26 eps)
3.443 out of 5 from 26 votes
Rank #6,501
Ba La La Xiao Mo Xian Zhi: Feiyue Cai Ling Bao

In the distance not far from Fairy Castle, there is a magic kingdom called Colorful Castle. It is a place full of color, peace and joy. On the edge of Colorful Castle, there is an island which is home to the Black Lord, who had woken from his sleep. The Black Lord, in order to make his land stronger, stole the magic color energy from Colorful Castle. The princess, who possessed great Color Magic, found herself defenseless, as she was cursed and turned into an elf. By chance, Jessi, Hayley and Amy, three girls from the human world, inadvertently broke into the Color Castle, and turned into Fairies. With their color powers, they must fight against the Black Lord and save the Colorful Castle.

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